Hordes. Underdark. You Know

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20+ hour campaign
Epic Level Characters, up to level 40!
6 new prestige classes
4 new tilesets
16 new creatures
50+ new feats
40+ new spells
new music
new voicesets
new toolset functionality

I’m probably missing it, but what level do you start at? I don’t see how you could go from level 0 to level 40 in a 20 hour campaign, so I’m assuming you start at level 10 or something, eh?

I think that you begin at level 14 or 15.


I can’t wait for the community to start bitching about ‘balance’ after this comes out.

I can just see the following being bitched about…like spells:

Greater Spell Resistence - 35 SR for 20 hours
Dragon Knight - Summon a big adult dragon, ritual spell
Dragon Strike - Ritual spell, this time 10 red dragons
Greater Ruin - 35d6 damage
Superb Dispelling - Like greater dispell, only with +40 check
Epic Spell Reflection - Permantment immunity to all spells level 1 to 9
Damnation - Send your foe to hell

and my personal favorite:
Vengeful Gaze of God - 305d6 damage, you take 200d6 damage

To ‘balance’ things out, most of these spells require a hefty load of time, xp, and gold sacrifice. Some of these spells literally take a month game time to cast…so I highly doubt bioware is going to do that.

As for feats…lets see…

Damage reduction - Gain 3/- damage reduction
Dragon Wild Shape - Don’t need to add
Epic Speed - Gain 30 feet speed
Epic Toughness - 20 HP, on the spot.

Best of all, monsters! I would love to see how bioware programs a monster (I won’t say who) that can attack 100 times per round or throw 100 boulders per round.

Oh good, MOTS! Only different, but MOTS.


Very good, you’re listening!

Looking forward to it personally. It will be on my must buy list after the great experience I had with SOU.

I need to get back to SOU. I installed it, palyed a few hours of it, and then KotOR came out and sucked up most of my gaming time for about a month.

How often do we get to play INCREDIBLY POWERFUL characters in any RPG? We always start at level 1 and slowly build our way… bleh. I’ll this expansion pack if for nothing else other than that.

This thread makes me want to get around to finishing BG2.