Horizon Zero Dawn 2: Forbidden West

That’s good news! Yay for everyone that made their displeasure known.

I don’t suppose my displeasure about a delayed (if ever) PC launch will have similar effects…

Authentic to… the robot dinosaur apocalypse?

It happened once, it can happen again.

Lookin’ good.

I am thinking at least 1 year post release, then it will hit PC.

I wish I had the patience to wait for the PC version. I’m so bad at precision aiming with a controller that the first game was way harder than it should have been, especially the big late game machines.

I don’t think I’ve ever noticed this before, but I feel like there was a different type of uncanny valley in that trailer where all the characters’ faces looked normal and boring because they’re modeled after real actors. The famous actors push me past the uncanny valley but then you’re back to the weird, vaguely annoying feeling that we’ve had for over a decade of famous TV and film actors in a videogame.

Story seems dumb, but the game looks great. Still bummed no PC release. I may have to abscond w/ my son’s PS5 for a spell.

This looks just incredible. The iterative design upgrades from the first game are going to make this one worth checking out, even for those that skipped the first game, I suspect.

Pre-ordered this along with Elden Ring. Gonna be a busy fun month once they’re out.

Probably be at least a year to get a PC release, right? I’ve still got my PS4, but I think I rather wait for PC. Should be a great game though.

Honestly, probably 2 years.

Reviews are out

Eurogamer has a pretty mixed view…

Running at 89 on the aggregator sites though. DF have their take on the visuals here:

I would usually avoid it but as there’s no PC version, why not…

Not a huge fan of the first game, although I did buy the PC version few weeks back in order to play the expansion i never got to on console.

I am glad reviews are good for sequel, hopefully the stuff I found weak in the first game will be improved (specifically, sidequest design and writing).

Gonna wait for the PC version of this one though.

I really liked the original, but I recall that some (cough Tom) didn’t like that so much of the story was told in the little collectible things. Did they address that? Does this game even have that kind of backstory aspect?

Because even though it was kind of hidden, I actually really liked the backstory that was slowly revealed as you found the little collectibles.

God yes, I hope that’s addressed. Running through a mission then having to just stop and stand in place because a voice recording that feels like it’s ten minutes long is playing and you want that story snippet, but they didn’t spread them out well between encounters was dreadful. You had to fight between wanting to listen, and wanting to move.