Horizon Zero Dawn - Postapocalyptic cavewoman vs Zoids


Its a GREAT game. I haven’t actually bought the expansion yet for some reason - does it tie in nicely into the main game? Or is it a new area?


It opens up a new area of the map, but it felt very well integrated to me. I kind of rushed through the central line of it because I wanted to see how the main HZD story wrapped up before potentially being spoiled with Game of the Year discussions, but I really enjoyed the side quests I did see and intend on going back to see if there were any other quests involving certain characters I liked.


The PS4 says I’m only 10% done with the game, probably because I take my time looking at things, picking up resources, etc… First, I like the game quite a bit, mostly because of Aloy, the story, how beautiful the world is, and that the combat is pretty good.

Like most (maybe all) open world games, I wish it didn’t rely on following map icons. I turned off the breadcrumb trail that leads to quest objectives, but the game still requires a lot of opening the map, looking to see where the active quest is and then adjusting course. I wish games would rely more on environmental cues to navigate. Based on some of the quest dialog, I thought HZD was going to but I don’t really see how to navigate other than the icons.

I think I may have made a mistake too in buying some maps as now I have more icons on the map. At least these usually just highlight and area and I still need to poke around. It would be great if the search area was larger and the map icon gave some clue as to how to find the item of interest - like this metal flower likes to grow at the base of a large tree (or something like that).

Did I miss something and is there a way to play using more exploration, or is it pretty much requires to follow map icons to progress in the game? Also, is it a mistake to use those tall necked guys to scan the area and put more icons on the map, or is it a necessary evil?


I wouldn’t sweat it. The two big classes of things to find are often not marked on the map, and things like the “metal flowers” are so annoying and random to find you’d have to be one of those guys that criss crosses the entire map back and forth for dozens of hours more than the game was intended to find them all. Some vendors, often random vendors in the woods, have cache or flower maps you can buy. Tallnecks are definitely a part of the game as designed, so don’t feel bad about using them, imo. Eventually you’ll reach a point where the enemies are annoying enough on higher difficulty levels that even knowing where to go is just half the battle, so to speak, and that keeps the moment to moment gameplay interesting.

The game is beautiful but robot dinosaur combat is the main draw. I enjoyed my time with it and there were some seeds of some interesting stuff going on story wise. I really question the “scan this data to read or listen to story” form of exposition though; a little bit is ok but the lion’s share of the backstory is that way, and at times you’re wading through a library of stuff to read and piece together.


Yeah, I like finding the bits of story. I don’t mind reading or listening to them.


Finished on Hard, 87 hours including Frozen Wilds. Great game. Frozen Wilds was pretty good for DLC, a genuine expansion like the old days. I played it after I finished the main game, and I thought the main game started to drag a bit through the final 25%. FW managed to revitalize the game, so in that respect it certainly succeeded.

I really enjoyed learning about the world and the plots - both the HADES plot and the Carja storylines and how they integrated at the end were great. The combat was good, but repetitive by the end. There’s no way I could bring myself to play it again with New Game+, now that I know the plot.

This game was very similar Far Cry, another series I love. Like Far Cry, once you acquire all the good skillups the game starts to drag, which is probably what happened around that final 25% of the main game.

Oh, and despite playing it on Hard, the thing that usually killed me was gravity. I wish open-world game designers would finally do something about that.


After a long hiatus, I played a bit more of this today. To get back into the swing of things I just looked for some of the collectibles that were in the area I was near. I think I’m level 19 and the main quest line that I’m on recommends level 12, so I should probably get back to that.

One thing I noticed. I ran into a level 15 corrupted sawtooth (or is it sawback?). The thing killed me like 3 times. It didn’t look like my fire traps or fire arrows were really doing a lot of damage even though they are weak to fire. I had to set a trap, lure it in, boom, then shoot it with some fire arrows and retreat until it went back to its area. I had to repeat this 4 or 5 times.

Should I be doing more damage than this? Is it possible I have outdated equipment? I did have some +fire and +damage mods on my weapon.


I can’t answer your questions @robc04 but your post reminded me I had a conundrum I wanted to share.

I love HZD and played the hell out of it at launch, beating the game and loving the story. I don’t really know what level I am right now and don’t want to spin up the PS4 to find out, but I’m sure I’m well past the level recommended for the new Frozen Wilds area, which according to reviews is very good but also very challenging, and designed for level 30+ characters that have beaten the main story. I want to play more HZD but I’m not looking forward to diving in after a year and trying to relearn how to play - any suggestions? Did anyone else play the expansion after a long break? How did it go?


Do you have one of the Sharpshooter bows? Those made a big difference for me.



My break wasn’t nearly as long, but with so many games played between then and now - I’m pretty darn rusty. I feel a bit lost jumping back in. I guess since the penalty for death is small, you could jump in and try to take some things on. You could also play a new game for a couple of hours just to get in the swing of it - but it did start slowly in terms of action.


I think so, I’ll have to double check.


If you are fighting a sawtooth, did you check out his weaknesses? He has two, one of them on the belly. Make two stun tripwires somewhat apart, go sit behind one of them, shoot him, and when he comes at you, and falls down, you hit his belly, which will take a large portion of his health.
Go to the second tripwire, and wait for him to be stunned, and then attack his yellow back spots. Use lots of fire, and dodging and tripwires.
They are good practice for some of the much harder ones that come later.

One thing to remember though, is you cant treat them like any other enemy in other games - they require though until you understand that particular enemy, which is why you don’t just have a bow and arrows at your disposal, but a series of tools as well to both analyze the situation and use the appropriate tools.


What I was doing is setting up blast proximity traps and hitting his weak spots on his back with fire arrows. That took a while and running away and coming back. I probably should have made use of stun like you mentioned. That would have giving me more time so I wouldn’t need to run away so much.


After some binge playing for a couple days I finished the main story line for Horizon Zero Dawn. I was getting game fatigue from it so I stopped doing side quests and focused on the main quest. I think I ended up being level 38 when I finished. I think it said I was only 33% complete.

I was somewhat on a roller coaster ride with this game. I started out loving the game, but then it waned. I think part of my problem was that I never really took the time to master many of the weapons. I pretty much stuck to the long range bow and the ‘regular’ bow. I would use the shock tripwire too at times. My problem is that I just don’t like switching weapon multiple times during combat. I think if I used each new weapon more as I got it I would have better appreciated my options. I did need to rely on a shock weapon in the final battle, in addition to the other bows.

I think the voice acting started off stronger too and I became less fond of any side characters I met. I did love all of the different environments.

Some game developer also needs to solve some problems common to these types of games. First, incorporate exploring into the game and less icon chasing. Second, make the finding of resources more fun than running from icon to icon. Third, I hate ‘detective vision’ in games. HZD wasn’t too bad with it - but there has to be a better way.

All in all I liked the game. I did too much side stuff early on that caused me to fatigue and I should have put more effort into learning the weapons.


Is there a way too tell which power cells you’ve gotten? I show as 1/3, but I know I got more. I think maybe I needed one to unlock the door in the main quest area? Not sure.

I’m on the Heart of the Nora quest where I can get a second piece. I don’t remember if I got one in the Grave Horde… maybe?

I have really enjoyed this game a lot. I think I’m at close to 60 hours. I’m just having so much fun running around and doing things I forget there is a main quest.


I don’t think you can tell. I had to go back and revisit places because I had missed one.



Not gonna lie, I started holding down the triangle button.