Hornblower: The New Adventures


Did anyone else catch the new Hornblower movie tonight on A&E. I did, and of course, I loved it. Sure, they somewhat butchered the book, but kept much of the spirit of the story alive, which I’m fine with. What did y’all think?


In general, I think it was very well done, like the earlier episodes. However, Hornblower staring down the barrel of a gun only to be saved by a last-second off-screen shot has been done at least once to often now.


Dammit! I forgot to Tivo it. Hopefully A&E will replay it.


Hopefully someone will rip it and put a bittorrent up on suprnova.org.

What I really miss are the “Sharpe’s (insert noun here)” series. Sean Bean was great in that series.


Welp, the second movie which premiered tonight, “Duty,” was excellent, and set up the hopefully next installment of the series based on the book, “Hornblower and the Atropos.” Personally, I can’t wait.


Huzzah for Tivo and Hornblower. I just spent an hour yelling “FIRE!” and “CLEAR FOR ACTION!” along with Paul McGann. He’s so darn cute when he yells.

[size=2]My husband, trying to program game AI in the other room, did not find it as amusing.[/size]


Yeah, he does an excellent job as Leftennant Bush.


So I am actually watching the whole series, spurred on by my moderating a Napoleonic-era Play by Forum Wargame and I am really quite impressed. I’d never seen these, and I don’t know how I missed them. The deviations from the books are actually well done, and quite plausible. Very true to the Forester novels. I think @divedivedive mentioned them too in the TOS thread a couple months ago too. Really spotless and very historically accurate too, IMO.


I’ve never seen the series, just read the books. Heard good things about it though. Warframe sounds cool too, the Napoleonic/War of 1812 era is probably the single most interesting to me.


I love the movies so much. I wish they’d been able to make all of the books into shows.

Now go watch Captain Horatio Hornblower with Gregory Peck.

And then Damn the Defiant with Alec Guinness.


I haven’t seen either in ten years or so, but yeah, I think that’s gotta happen now.




Can I just say that David Warner was stellar portraying Captain Conway? He’s such a damn fine actor.


Yeah, stellar casting, that.


For a moment seeing this, I thought that they were creating a new series. Boo, for crushing all my hopes.

Love the books. One of my favorite TV series, and Ioan Gryffud is perfectly cast as Hornblower. It’s such a pity that he did not get his wish to play the character through his entire career. Unfortunate that this kind of series is so expensive to shoot.


I felt the same way, truth be told. I’m still glad we got as much as we did, but I would’ve loved more.