Horns - The Devil Played by Harry Potter

Based on the book by Joe Hill.

God I love that book. I’m not quite as sure about the casting, but I guess we’ll see!

Who cares about the casting! It’s an Alexander Aja movie!

(For all you movie philistines, he’s the guy who did High Tension, The Hills Have Eyes remake, Mirrors, and Pirahna 3D.)


It looks like a cross between a Twilight movie and a Satan movie. I think I’ll pass, although I’ll be looking in on this thread, and might change my mind if people here like it.

  1. You should check out the book. Twilight it is not.

  2. You should check out Aja’s other movies. Twilight they are not.

Well, I’d have to watch a Twilight movie too, then, to make a proper comparison, and that just seems a bit over the top. :)

So the book’s good then? What would you compare it to, if you had to?

The book is quite good. Worth noting that the author is the son of Stephen King.

The book is a mixed bag, the stuff with horns is well done even if it is never taken quite far enough for my tastes. But the main thread that hangs it all together is bad poetry for teenage boys who just got dumped. Maybe Aja can correct those problems. It reminded a lot of that movie ‘The Myth of Fingerprints’


In the ‘Myth of Fingerprints’ the girl broke up with him because his father secret raped his girlfriend.

In Horns the girl broke up with him because she had secret cancer.

Pirahna 3D was art, best movie of 2010. :P

I didn’t like the book as much as I wanted to (I liked Heart Shaped Box much more). Maybe it’s because the main character ends up not being sympathetic enough for me. However, I’m still probably going to go see the movie.

Trailer: http://youtu.be/64yyhOegiN0

Is that the one where the Sliders guy got his junk gnawed off?

Also, while Radcliffe might not seem ideal to some, I’ll admit to being pretty dubious going into Sin City, but darned if Frodo didn’t pull off some serious psycho there. Radcliffe might have his own inner Dahmer after playing the boy wizard for all those years.

There’s really no telling whether Radcliffe has range yet. He’s not obviously awful like Robert Pattinson.

Reading this thread has me look over the book on Amazon. It looks like it might be decent, and it’s well received there. I grabbed a Kindle sample.

His stage work has been very well-reviewed. The kid’s got range.

Yeah, the part he played in Equus is not an easy role (How to Succeed, on the other hand, isn’t exactly Shakespeare).

His accent sounds weird in that trailer, though.

That wasn’t on my radar. I did a quick search and you’re correct, the critics think well of him. On Broadway, which is about as demanding a venue as I can imagine.

He was very good in A Young Doctor’s Notebook as well, alongside Jon Hamm.

Worth checking out if you’ve not seen it. Great little piece of television.

I found he was alright (better than I expected) in The Lady In Black as well.

He does seem to be pretty selective about his roles, post Potter.