Horrible News to Read or Watch (no joke)

This story popped up in the news for me tonight and it hit me hard, though the story was reported last year as well, just new developments today. Now, nothing has been proven in court, but you can make your own inference.

This is a story about two people, Chad and Lori, whose spouses died due to natural and an unfortunate “self-defense shooting,” respectively. However, they soon find love again with each other, get married, and move to Hawaii from Idaho. Sounds like a bad romance plot. However, she had two kids, aged 8 and 17. Those kids have not been seen since September.

Because Lori did not follow an order from the court to prove the children were alive after relatives alerted authorities, she was arrested and charged with contempt and child desertion. Today (June 9th) police and FBI took Chad into custody after searching his property and finding human remains. Those remains have not yet been identified.

Oh, and those ex-spouses? Well, Chad’s wife’s body has now been exhumed as no autopsy was performed the first time and her death is now suspicious. Lori’s husband was actually shot by her brother and had it ruled self defense. That brother is now dead due to natural causes.

“Everything We Know” from Newsweek: https://www.newsweek.com/everything-we-know-about-chad-daybell-lori-vallow-her-missing-children-tylee-jj-1509766

CBS breaking news clip about finding the remains:

Geez, this is like a bad (redundant, that) Lifetime movie plot. Only it’s real, with real people. Ugh.

I’m sort of haunted by a few stories i’ve read but honestly i’m not eager to wallow in them.

Uff … very sorry for the children and the extended family. I’m sure the mom and the recent step father are going to be pointing the finger at each other but both deserve time. This is horrific.