This has been advertised so heavily, I decided to tape it during Castle and watch it later.

The bank hostage situation was absurd, but otherwise it held my interest.

Does Tate Donovan always play a weasel?

The bank hostage scene made me hate the show immediately.

Also got really annoyed with the contrived manner they were piling family crises onto the situation, you know, to PROVIDE MORE DRAMA! I mean, the mom is the President’s surgeon, the son is a drug dealer in debt, the daughter is pregnant and the father’s screwing around on his wife. Oh, and apparently it never occurred to the Secret Service to put a detail on this family for exactly this kind of eventuality. I can already tell they are going to draw this out for so long I’ll want to break things with my bare hands.

Didn’t watch the show, but that amount of drama in one family sounds too overwrought to be believable. And I don’t think that gets you a security detail, that gets your security clearance revoked for having too many blackmail points.

It was terrible. If someone had said pick three things family members are struggling with, I probably could have guessed them. After 10 seconds of seeing each character and their actions in their first scene you already knew! The shocking reveals were completely unnecessary. I love Tate and Dylan and Toni, but the terrible writing sunk them before the show started.

I had several other problems, but the show is not worth my time and I don’t think it is worth three more minutes if me typing this on my phone.

Really disappointed. I was all ready to give this network show a try, but premium an cable channel series have raised the bar and my tolerance for TV cliches is at a record low.

This was truly a terrible pilot. Such bland television… I’m surprised it would be allowed to flop into such an uninspired pile given how many good shows there are out there right now.

I’m “bet a nut on it” confident that the secret service totally would do this, and it’s one of the reasons that I thought the show was so terrible. You can’t overlook or hand wave something so obvious that scuttles the entire premise of your show. Maybe they’ll explain that later as the conspiracy-that-Nielsens-will-never-allow-to-play-out continues.

I liked the show much more when it was called 24. The pacing and drama just left me wanting for a return to when 24 really had me on the edge of my seat at the end of each episode. The family plights are cliche. For a moment when they were hinting at the husband’s afair, then dismissed it, I had an instance of faith that they weren’t going to go that route. Then they did.

I also think that exposing Dylan as the FBI agent should have been kept under wraps. The audience knows who he is, but the family doesn’t. When they finally do, it won’t be nearly as suprising to us as we’ve known all along.