Hot Fuzz Movie

Brilliant all round. A loving homage and scathing parody of buddy cop movies, the hit or miss ratio on gags is stellar.

Probably a little too British for American audiences, though.

Note: I was disgusted and appalled that I was the only person in my entire theater who laughed at a tremendously funny Chinatown reference. Fucking philistines, the lot of them.

This movie was so freaking good. I love how so many details set up early on had hilarious payoffs in the third act.

Highly recommended.

Oops… movie so good I accidentally posted twice.

Absolutely fantastic on all fronts. I laughed so hard I cried…

“Two blokes with fuckloads of cutlery”

If it’s quote time:

“What are you going to do, arrest the whole village?”

“Not exactly.”

The movie had the best reading of “Yeah, motherfucker.” of any movie in history.

Hahahah, this movie was so over-the-top gory. The reporter. Skinner moaning whilst impaled. That was hilarious.

And while not gory, the Swan was awesome at the end. Rearing up and striking like a cobra!


Yeah, that was damn funny, and played so straight that it’s easy to miss. There was another one early on – “Checking in? But you’ve been here forever” – that I’m 99% sure is from The Shining. Great stuff. This was a terrific movie.

Never mind all the great references, he jumped over a wall and KICKED AN OLD LADY IN THE FACE!

This flick was completely awesome, what Reno 911 should have been. Can’t wait to see it again.

Not too sure about this, the audience I saw it with laughed pretty much through the entire thing and then applauded and cheered when the credits rolled. I haven’t seen/heard that happen at the end of a movie in a long long time.

Have to agree with everyone in the thread, great movie.

While being British, I’m probably biased, I don’t think so - if nothing else, most of the films they’re parodying/paying homage to are American in the first place, so the basic jokes still apply (for instance, Angel in supercop mode largely being based on the T-1000)

Beware the NWA!

The whole “Best village” concept is pretty British, and the hatred of “hoodies” only made sense to me because of POENews banners.

My audience laughed harder during the truly absymal trailer reel(apparently the studios think this movie chiefly appeals to retards) than during the incredibly funny movie.

Superbad looks pretty stupid, but I’m going to see it out of support for George Michael.

We got some decent trailers. That ping-pong movie looks pretty funny, and I would have babies with “28 Weeks Later” if it were a woman.

Superbad, that Ping Pong, and Run Fatboy Run were the movies I was talking about. Respectively: Cliched, terribly derivative(ZOMG Christopher Walken! HE TALKS FUNNY!!!), and directed by David Schwimmer.

To be fair, he does talk funny.

He talks really funny. And that one little girl punched a guy in the nuts.