Hot monkey love in St. Louis

Some kid said she snapped a pic of a baboon in her backyard, but later said she got the pic off the internet. In the meantime, stuff like this was happening:

“In the Florissant neighborhood where people were searching, the scene this afternoon was chaotic. One woman, who did not want to be identified, said she owned a monkey. She made baboon-like noises and scattered Lays potato chips and Cheetos on the ground in an effort to lure out the animal.”

“Officials said that St. Louis Zoo officials, who have been providing advice, confirmed that feces provided by the homeowner, reported to be from the back yard, was from some type of primate.”

“Schools in the area, near Patterson Road and Jana Drive, took precautions and kept children inside during recess.”

“Another woman who said she owned a monkey was walking around with a net, hoping to catch the loose animal.”

Forgive me if this is a real story, but this sounds like she’s the primate & is making it up.

/rushes to be the first person to use the term Monkey Business in this thread

Yeah, the kid made it up and I don’t want to know where the feces came from, but what’s funny is the reaction of the community.

And I understand it. If you think there’s a baboon loose in your neighborhood, you’d be out with binoculars too. That doesn’t happen every day. Leaving a trail of Cheetos and making baboon noises is taking it to an extreme, however.

Yeah. Everybody knows Cheetos only attract cheetahs.

People are primates too! LOL.

Someone call the PoopCop

There’s a Youtube video of the woman trying to lure out the non-existent baboon with monkey noises and Cheetos.

Man, I wish you didn’t think you were funny.

Actually I am funny, it is you that lacks a sense of humor.



Citation needed.

Admittedly, that post was not particularly funny.