Hot Ones - First We Feast

So season 9 ended a few weeks ago and season 10 just recently started. The final episode of season 9 was with one of my favorites from the wwe attitude era, Stone Cold Steve Austin. I really enjoy the format and the information that is presented about these celebrities, that appear on this show to see if they can handle the heat.

I only started watching a season or two ago, and I’ve missed a bunch in between. Anyone else watch faithfully, are there any must see episodes?

For season 9 my top 3 favorites were:

One of my favorites is the time he did it on Colbert. Two reasons: Colbert is hilarious, obviously, and because the format is compressed and doesn’t benefit from editing, so the questions don’t work very well. It’s an interesting contrast to actual episodes and illuminates how much work goes into them.

He gets around. He was on Jimmy Fallon as well.

My understanding is that he is an exceptional interviewer to begin with, and really prepares for his interviews. I would say he is the anti Larry King, but Terry Gross already has that covered.

I’ve watched a few dozen of these. He usually asks pretty insightful question for a dumb web talk show.

I think my most memorable list is Alton Brown (surprisingly dickish) and Gordon Ramsey (surprisingly unpretentious); Tenacious D were adorable. Shia LeBeouf was suitably weird. I think Idris Elba would be fun to hang out with.

I’ll bet Anthony Bourdain would’ve been good.

Rachel Ray was pretty great - she barely flinched the whole way through. Charlize Theron was pretty good too.

The latest one with Paul Rudd was predictably charming. Sean Evans’s a great interviewer.

Rudd is a god damn champion.

I really enjoyed that.

One of my favs was Bert Kreisher :

and I like Alton Brown a lot too:

Thanks for the suggestions, I am building a watch later list!

The host is just kind of blah. The show’s concept is hilarious though.

I just found out they wouldn’t do a hits ones with Kevin Smith. That is annoying.

Untrue, apparently.

Kevin Smith says he got an email that politely rejected him, I believe it. Sure, Sean might be back tracking now, but with the film coming out in December, what’s the point in a 2020 showing?

Kevin Smith knows how the internet works and knew full well what would happen when he said he got rejected by Hot Ones. He’s the one backtracking by saying it was “just in good fun.” He didn’t have to say that he got rejected as the reason they’re doing the parody, but he did it anyway because he was salty about it.

“I was rejected by [insert name] in high school. I’m going to make a show about how much of an [expletive] [insert name] was. My fans will support me and agree that I’m right.”

Hey, Sean didn’t want him on the show, which I think is

I didn’t read into it what you are reading into it. They wanted to do the show, Sean couldn’t book them, they did there own thing.

That’s Kevin’s whole story. Him doing his own thing when people won’t work with him, and mostly being successful at it. He couldn’t do a Clerks 3 or a Mallrats 2, so he did Jay and Silent Bob Reboot.

Well when he does finally get on, maybe we will get a good explanation! :P