Hot Ones - First We Feast

OMG, that video is great. Dude doesn’t half-ass it or anything. He eats every bit of that level 10…and is rightfully smacked down. I love Sean "You did a crazy thing I think you’re going to regret "

I have a couple friends coming over for a movie night tonight anyway, and after a bit of discussion, I’ll be picking up some unsauced wings so we can give the full gamut a try as a group.

Okay, I went through the entire set and survived. Despite only being #8 of 10, Da Bomb was the least fun of the batch.

Oh boy. I very much regret my hubris.

Are you still feeling the after-effects a day later???

I was okay for a couple hours after, and then my digestive system began its rebellion.

Yeah, that’s why I don’t do things like that any more. From the neck up I’ve got pretty high tolerance for spice, from the neck down, though, it’s a glass house.

Yup. I can’t watch these things without thinking “that’s going to be a fun 24-48 hours for them.”

I was about to say, that is 100% about the diarrhea that follows! :LaughCryEmoji:

My family actually did this challenge this past Memorial Day Sunday. My brother-in-law got the sauces and my wife cooked the chicken. We had a good mix of traditional wings, boneless tenders, and vegan “chicken.” His daughter (21) and my two daughters (18 and 15) and wife also participated. The first clue that things were going to be rough was during the preparation. When my wife and niece started tossing the chicken in the sauces, the kitchen clouded up with something akin to pepper spray.

The first sauce (chili garlic) was surprisingly hot and nasty, but the next few weren’t too bad. As everyone knows, the 8th sample (Da Bomb) was absolutely horrible. I was gurgling water and my wife ended up dumping tortilla chips on the table so people could get something bland into their bodies. My brother-in-law was drinking milk and sucking down bread. Sauces nine and ten (Apollo) were even worse. When 10 came around, my niece scrambled to the freezer for the emergency stash of klondikes and they disappeared from her arms as soon as she walked into the dining room. The klondike bar actually helped.

During the contest I was careful about not getting any on my lips and making sure my hands were clean. One thing I forgot to do was wash my hands before going to the bathroom. Oh my. All in all it was a very fun experience and look forward to doing it again next Memorial Day.

Some pics… sorry about the image quality…

Water’s pointless, capsaicin isn’t water soluble. Your brother-in-law had the right idea with the milk.

You guys are crazy! I want my stomach to stay inside my body lol.

C’mon, 8, 9 and 10 are conspicuously less nibbled than 1, 2 and 3!

(said as someone who would never, ever ingest Da Bomb - I’ve seen way too many of these episodes)

Hahaha, you got me. The first few tasted really good (with the exception of the first one). Those last three were straight-up hate. I knew what to expect from Da Bomb based on watching many episodes of the show, so I didn’t mess around with that one, nor the last two after. I was a bit surprised since most people seem to bounce back after Da Bomb. However, the two after Da Bomb were definitely worse and that last one was simply pain in a bottle… no redeeming qualities (e.g., taste) whatsoever.

One other observation. The next day wasn’t so bad… probably because of the low quantities I ingested. My brother-in-law suffered greatly when washing the dishes… again, with the pepper spray effect.

I’m going to double down on my hypothesis, you didn’t get enough heat early on or with Da Bomb, so you had plenty of receptors available for 9 and 10 to hit you hard. Science!

Da Bomb was definitely more painful than the two after, so you may be on to something.

So… more heat equals less heat. Interesting. I’ll be sure to try that hypothesis next year. Better yet, I’ll ask my wife to try that hypothesis.

Have her take the Eddie Huang approach and compare it to your results using the normal 1 - 10 approach…in the name of science.

It’s worth reminding anyone who tries this not to touch their eyes! (Or dick, if you’re Eddie Huang… :LaughCryEmoji: :FlameEmoji:)

One time I was snacking on chips & spicy salsa with a friend, and I rubbed my eyes after getting the jalapeno salsa on my hands. Oof! Even at that mild level, it burned for at least 15 minutes. So of course a couple Star Trek TNG episodes later I completely forgot and rubbed my other eye with the habanero salsa residue left on my hands. :JustCryingEmoji:

you should’ve taken the alton brown approach and gone with half n half.