Hot Tub Time Machine: Actually Funny!

Got invited to a sneak preview of Hot Tub Time Machine tonight. I really wasn’t expecting much given the previews, but hey, free movie!

Surprisingly, it was actually really funny. It has the obligatory “get a little serious” moment 3/4 of the way through where the funny peters out a bit, but it picks up again. It’s over the top without being Farrelly-level-stupid, and Rob Corddry is shameless and hilarious. Also, William Zabka as a bad guy, as required in all 80’s movies.

Not quite Hangover-level funny, but I laughed through most of it, and definitely enjoyed it. It’s funnier than the trailers would imply.

Interesting side-note: A guy from the studio welcomed us to the preview, and asked everyone to Tweet/Facebook/Xbox LIVE how much they liked the movie afterwards. First time I’ve ever been to an event where there have been explicit requests to the audience to talk it up on social media sites.

Here. I saw it a couple weeks ago. For me, the most brilliant scene is shown in the trailer, but it carries more meaning in the film, is when Craig Robinson says the line, “It’s like some kind of hot tub time machine.” then he looks right at the camera. It’s similar to the Eddie Murphy scene in Trading Places - sharing a joke with the audience, but Craig holds the look for a long beat. It’s like a full two seconds. At that point in the movie he’s saying, “If you can’t buy that line, just leave. But if you are buying it, hold on…”

You can’t just turn on a hot tub and have it be instantly hot.

I know. I’ve been in a hot tub two times.

Most girls only admit meeting El Guapo once.

That doesn’t really make a lot of sense to me. Presumably, if you’re in the theater showing Hot Tub Time Machine you have bought in already.(literally as well, buying a ticket)

Just going from the trailers, it seems to me to be more a required scene. In certain movies, certain types of lines are practically a requirement. Sam Jackson’s Snakes on a Plane line for example. How can you have a movie about a hot tub time machine and NOT have a character reference that? So the only question is how do you do it and make it funny.

Dammit. I gotta remember to use the Google box and not the built-in search engine when looking for existing topics.

It’s getting 100% on RT right now. Only 5 reviews so far, but still…

I saw it tonight and it was good dumb fun. Very raunchy, very stupid (this will not be a movie you get to dissect on the drive home), but funny in a very painful, ackward sort of way.

Saw this today. Not great cinema, but not bad either. Glad I had a free ticket.

Question, though - SPOILER:

When the movie started, Jake was 20, right? Then they went to 1986, 9 months before he was born, which means he was born in 1986 or 1987. At the end of the movie, they returned to 2010, which I assume is supposed to be where they were, time-wise, at the beginning of the movie. That would make Jake 23, right?

Continuity error, or am I missing something?

I think the thing you’re missing is that the movie is titled “Hot Tub Time Machine” and that’s exactly as far as you’re supposed to theorize. And no further.

The first part of the movie takes place in 2007. Didn’t you notice him playing Second Life? :)

I must’ve missed that. Seriously, the movie started in 2007, then the tub went to 1986, then to 2010?

I was making a joke at the expense of Second Life.

I’d apologize for the confusion, but you were the one trying to logically analyze Hot Tub Time Machine. :)

Okay, but still.

You can, in fact, turn a hot tub in a time machine! In fact, I’m 34, and just a few weeks ago I had a 23 year old in it. It’s like it was 2000 again!


Read this review.

This is such a god awful review. Completely subjective in opinion, the critic is completely angry that they didn’t make another High-fidelity. The article continues on a tirade about how low brow comedy has been lately.

Uggh… get someone else to review the movie. This is like having the RPG columnist review an FPS… of course they are not going to like it, it isn’t their type of game.

(I have not yet watched the movie, but I was skimming reviews and this one stood out)

Your review of the review is spot on. He isn’t critquing the movie that is, he is critquing the movie the movie he wanted it to be.

It is painful, ackward, dumb fun. Nothing more, nothing less.

That is the number one thing I hate when reading a review.

For some reason my script selling is dependent on HTTM doing well so… GO BUY ANOTHER TICKET.

As to the OP.
Just saw Hangover last night. I don’t know if it was all the hype or the fact that it was an unrated version of the film, I found it only somewhat funny. It definitely had moments, but it was talked about like it was the 2nd coming and I just didn’t think it was that great.