I bought a Thrustmaster T.16000M set - joystick and throttle and when I got them I realised they each connect separately via USB. I should have checked for this earlier because I’m using a laptop and I’m pretty limited with my USB ports with only 3 available.
So one is taken by the mouse and another by the keyboard which leaves me one spare USB port. Looking it up I see that the solution is a USB HUB.

So anyone has any experience with this sort of thing. Anything to look out for? Can I get away with a non powered HUB.

These looks ok:


While I haven’t used that specific HOTAS, I have used a CH set just fine using a USB hub. I did use a powered hub though I’m not sure if that is strictly required.

Assuming you’re not moving this setup very often, have you considered a docking station for your laptop? Obviously it’s more expressive than a simple USB hub, but reading between the lines it sounds like it would probably solve a lot of problems you might have trying to game on a laptop computer.


I use a powered USB hub for my HOTAS all the time. Three different devices. Works like a champ.


Its a great idea but I did a search for a docking station for my laptop but nothing came up.

So I guess I’ll go with the USB HUB. It will be useful to have a couple more ports for other devices.


I’ve got my Thrustmaster T.16000M set plugged into a usb hub, works fine. Definitely get a power hub though. Not saying the Thrustmaster needs it but sooner or later you plug in more devices and then some head scratching ensues before you realise your hub cant draw enough to power all your devices.


Definitely go powered. I had trouble with my CH setup with an unpowered hub.


Out of topic: how does the stick itself feel? I know it’s tough to gauge or explain, but I am asking still. I remember my Saitek X52 was very… feeble, very easy to move around, which was sort of nice to fly planes where I couldn’t adjust the trim, but felt a bit unsatisfying for combat sims.


Ill officially get it next week for Chanukah so I’ll share feedback in a well unless someone else does before :)


I succumbed and just got mine. I only bought the joystick because I discovered, while using a gamepad for simulations after so many years of seemingly torturing myself with an HOTAS, that I was meant to handle the joystick with my left hand. So the first thing I did is put it into lefty mode.
I plugged it through an unpowered USB hub that is plugged to my MacBook Pro’s (underpowered, 500mA I think?) USB3 port. On the hub are plugged both my mouse and my mechanical keyboard.
While I had before troubles with an XBOX360 pad plugged in the same way, the joystick didn’t cause any such issue yet.
I am using it for games running through Wine, Dosbox, and Dosbox in Wine (no Mac game!), with zero issues so far.
The joystick itself feels incredibly good (compared to the loose sensation of my former X52), with an amplitude of movement I had never experienced before. I have played a bit of Red Baron 3D with it, and it totally changes the feeling of the simulation and your relation to the airplane.
Its base is also super stable. Using it single-handed next to the keyboard, no issue were experienced unlike, again, the lighter X52 stick.


Get a powered USB hub dude. Seriously.


It is actually a powered USB hub. If only I could figure where I put its power source!


Side note, I just bought this thing, arrived yesterday:

Love the individual switches a LOT. That way I can keep all the things I use plugged in all the time – HOTAS, gamepad, etc – and just turn on and off their ports when not in use.

Might be the first product I’ve bought on Amazon without a review though, but so far so good.