HOTU Spoiler Question

I tried the Bioware forums but cannot get them to load tonight (not sure why?).

Anyhow, I have a spoiler question for chapter 3…

I am on the secondfold mystery of the Sleeping Man - where did he come from? Where do I find the answer to this? I talked to the sensei and the various pilgrims, and have explored everything in this first area that I can see thus far. I did the sidequest with you-know-who in the cave and the Scrivener. I also did the sidequest for the quarry boss. I talked to everyone in the tavern, and the town.

I don’t just need the answer to this - I need to find the in-game answer supplier so that the correct answer appears in my list of responses.

Any help?


Have you spoken to the Reaper? He has one of the answers. I think you can also find out one from the the sensei , one off the various pilgrims, one off the bard in the tavern and one off the scrivener.

And if you still cant find, just kill the sensei ;)

Forums are down for about 24hrs as are all BioWare servers while they’re moving.

I got tired of looking (didn’t think of the Reaper until AFTER), and killed the hag.