House Flipper has a friendly challenge for April Fools' Day

House Flipper has a friendly challenge for April Fools’ Day It’s April Fools’ Day which means you get a tidal wave of dumb jokes and pranks all day on the internet. Game developers like to get in on the action by teasing fake updates to their games. Sometimes these jokes become so popular that they end up in games eventually. The best game “pranks” are when the studio just goes all out and actually makes the comedy update playable right from jump. Frozen District has updated House Flipper with two new places to renovate that might be familiar to fans of a certain 90’s TV show. They’re downtown Manhattan apartments that a group of young pals somehow afford. These aren’t just throwaway environments. They’re as good as the levels that come with the game in the first place. It’s “the one with the sitcom levels.”

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I’ll give runner-up status to Enlisted for adding a moon level.

Wow, looks like the April news post came early! Guess I’ll check back sometime in May to see what one item of gaming news there is for the month.

You know Nick, I don’t think Kotaku’s on strike anymore. It shouldn’t take that long to reword one of their posts and hit publish.