House of Cards (US version)

Netflix Series House of Cards Trailer

The original British version was brilliant, the trailer for the American version looks great too.

…wait, David Fincher directing? Kevin Spacey starring? Good lord. Maybe I will be up for this after all. As much as I hate this idea that Americans have to have their own special American version of everything instead of just watching the original foreign version that was good.

Wow that looked really good. Might have to re-sub for a month of Netflix.

Spacey certainly managed to channel an Americanized Urqhart.

House of Cards Trailer - Lift The Veil

I think I may finally return to Netflix for this (and Arrested Development). I like that the entire season goes up on the same day.

Just watched first episode and liked it overall. Looks like a whole bunch of subterfuge and backstabbing politics. Spacey looks like he is having fun with role. Not sure of the narration into the camera stuff. Never been a fan of it but not a big deal.

I posted about the first episode in another thread:

Talking into the camera: Yeah, I was kind of shocked when it happened, but I’m not upset over it. Shows usually handle this with a voice-over instead of the person speaking into the camera. I personally like the voice-over technique much better.

I was looking forward to this but after playing the first couple minutes…ugh. Do not like at all the way they have Kevin Spacey talk to the audience in every scene.

good thing you quit because it becomes a giant monologue from 5 minutes on

Just finished episode 7. The jury’s still out, but it’s improving a bit from four or five episodes in where I didn’t feel like it was really going anywhere in particular. Certainly at least good enough to keep watching in any case.

it released last night, right? I’m impressed with your television watching fortitude!

I saw Batman today, and the GF and I, while we liked it, thought 3 hours was an immense amount of time to spend looking at the tv.

Okay, so vaguely more spoilers. Still only watched through episode seven:


I was hoping for more complex political intrigue, but it’s all very straightforward. Underwood is just fairly directly manipulating oblivious people in his plan for revenge, but even his revenge has been pretty vague and just boiling down to manipulation for its own sake so far. He doesn’t have a clear single adversary, and certainly not one his equal so far. The union boss was the most real opposition we’ve had so far, but that seems to be over now too. I hope the Russo thing gets more developed, since that’s where it’s headed now I guess.

The fourth wall stuff was in the British original as well…it didn’t really bother me, but I’ve only seen the first episode of the US version so far.

I watched episode 1 today, quite liked it. Looks way better than your average TV show, and Spacey is great. There’s some stuff I don’t totally understand, but I’m excited to watch more. I like the music, too.

I’m up to episode 5 of the show. I’m enjoying it quite a lot, but episode three was rather unbelievable.


Spacey’s worried about a teenager who died WHILE TEXTING AND DRIVING ABOUT A FRIGGIN’ ROADSIDE ATTRACTION HE HELPED BUILD affecting his seat? And the dad of the dead teen blames Spacey? That was a bit hard to swallow.

To Be Fair

I thought they made it clear that the County Admin dude was whispering in the dad’s ear and telling him where to guide his rage.


I can understand that the father was lashing out at anything he could and his target became Spacey due to the County Admin, but that doesn’t explain why others would view the accident as even remotely Spacey’s fault. Spacey made it clear that he thought they could drag him into court over it and I can’t even begin to fathom how that’s legally possible.

I couldn’t be objective about episode three since the landmark in question is 45 minutes up the road from me and I was amused to see a whole episode about it.

I’m impressed by the first 3 episodes and definitely looking forward to finishing up the series. It’s a little awkward how all 13 first season episodes are available all at once because, if nothing else, I look forward to threads like these advancing week by week and not worrying about spoilers if I keep up.

I think the 4th wall thing that they have Spacey’s character doing is great fun; it’s gotten to the point where I am disappointed when he’s in a scene and doesn’t at least raise his eyebrow at us.