House of Cards (US version)


I just finished the first episode and was surprised by how much I actually liked this part of it. I was prepared to hate it going into the episode. Makes it seem Shakespearean. The eyebrow raise at the inauguration made me grin.


I watched Episode 2 today. Unlike last week's episode, I think the show really hits the ground running with that second episode. It still feels oppressively amoral though. Was the British show also this..... you know, I don't really have a word for it yet. I'll have to get back to you.

I was also really glad to see Fincher back at the helm directing episode 2. I was really hoping it wasn't like the Walking Dead where Frank Darabont only directed the pilot.


I think the 4th wall breaking is pretty crucial to making the show work. Without it we would just be watching horrible people. With it, we're included in the fun. It lets us feel backstage/inside, makes it more playful.


I finished watching the series. I watched all of it up till ep. 9 or so then just kind of skip forward with the last few episodes. I don't think I'll be back for season 2 as I literally hate nearly every single character on the show. I'm not asking for sunshines and rainbows but nearly character but a couple are just oppressively amoral as Rockman puts it.

I would agree with Giaddon that the 4th wall stuff is what includes us a bit in on the fun to see inside the mind of Underwood. But even with that, we're still all just watching horrible people doing horrible things to get what they want and get ahead.


That sounds like American politics to me. My wife and I are on episode 7 and like it so far, count us in with those that like the 4th wall stuff.


I just watched Episode 3. And then I read your post. I thought they made that whole thing up.

But no. I just looked it up. It's real.

First episode not directed by Fincher. It was still good.


just wrapped this up tonight. i'll only continue watching if kevin spacey has as much fun in the second season as he did this time

it's nearly a drinking game to see if he rolls his eyes about someone in our direction and i like to drink


There's something off about this show, it seems like the writers are trying to pander to "the internet crowd". This is the same problem I had with Girl Walks Into A Bar


I think I see what you're getting at but I disagree. I think it works well. In particular the 'information age' touches like when two people are texting each other you see it as a sort of 'pop up' on screen. I'm saying if that's the sort of thing you mean it's not off-putting to me in the least.


Watched all 13, thought this show was great, much better than some of the schlock folks love around here. Some of the best acting I've seen in a TV Series (Spacey & Wright.)

I know it's tough to like the characters, but as the season unfolds and the reasoning behind their motivations become clear it's not nearly as hard to watch as folks here are making it out to be. It's about life inside the beltway - if you thought it was going to be a feel good show maybe you missed the image of Spacey with bloody hands every time you booted it up. Or the first 5 minutes of the first episode where he strangles a dog. Sheesh :)


that's not what I meant actually. I was referring to the simplistic (and highly unrealistic) plot, in addition to the constant use of memes. I just finished watching the 5th episode right now and Kevin Spacey literally quoted the "how rookies commit suicide" meme word for word.

plot points

the editor in chief's behaviour towards the reporter when she declined his offer, how easily some people were getting manipulated, the ridiculous melodrama after the layoffs. Everyone in the show who isn't in a starring role is either immature or wide eyed and naive.


"how rookies commit suicide" is a meme? Linky? What other memes are used?

How is the plot "simplistic and highly unrealistic?" Having lived in DC for going on a decade now, seems pretty damn spot on to me.

NSFW btw...

I'll expand on this after I've finished the season.


I felt sorry for some of the characters. Others I went back and forth between hating and feeling sorry for them. Show is filled with antiheroes. Looking forward to season 2.


This week's episode again hit it out of the park (Episode 4). An off-hand comment in front of the President, trying to take credit for Frank's idea, leads to so much upheaval and so many lost jobs and potential devastation of communities. Ugh. I always get this weird knot in my stomach while watching this show. I love it.


Huh? Weren't they all released at once?


They were, but I'm slipping them into my schedule as often as I can. By coincidence, that just happened to be about once a week, so it's sort of running like a weekly series for me, just by pure happenstance.


I've only watched the first two eps and there was a gap in between...what's Robin Wright's motivation in radically downsizing her foundation/charity/whatever again?


I believe she wanted to go international while the staff was specialized in working domestically. Along with losing funding from that one corporation the black guy works for.


Finished it. It was pretty good, if a little too unbelievable at times. Looking forward to the next season. Hopefully I'll be able to remember everything that's in play.