House of Cards (US version)


We are up to episode six. I've lived near DC all my life, and a lot of this stuff is stuff we've (sort of) seen before. Underwood seems like a combination of some of the nastier things we've seen over the last 30 years or so.

Whether it's realistic or not, I could see it happening, and we're having a lot of fun watching it.


First episode too slow... does it get better?


I'm only up to episode 4 and I think the pace is pretty consistent. The show seems to be a slow burner and very character-focused. I'd give it another episode and see what you think.


I disagree. When we watch a show about gangsters, we are not surprised when thuggery happens. Why are you surprised here? Did you not realize what politics looks like? I imagine this is highly sanitized version of it.


Have you seen the whole thing? Mr. Underwood definitely crosses the line in episode 11.


I have not made it that far.


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As a cable-cutter, this is music to my ears. Still, at 9$/mo this is unsustainable.


I watched the teacher's strike episode yesterday. I was surprised at how strongly I was rooting against Frank throughout the episode.


Through Episode 10 now.

When in Episode 9, things all start going to hell? Did anyone else feel just thrilled? I know that I can't help but root for the Underwoods, but I also really hate them at the same time. So when things start falling apart and don't go according to Frank's plans, it's thrilling for me. But seeing the damage that does to the bystanders that I do care about is a little scary. Someone that big and powerful doesn't go down easy, and he takes several others with him. At least that's the feeling I get. Part of that is just pure speculation, and not a spoiler. We'll see where this goes.

I love this series.

Is the U.K. series worth looking into once I finish this one? Or is that one not as good, not as well produced?

I want to look more into Jeff Beal's other musical scores too. His music for this series is so good. The deep bass shakes my couch and living room floor at just the right times as the violins and precussions do their work.


I really liked the British series, which is really three series (House of Cards, To Play the King, and Final Cut). It is similar in tone, but obviously uniquely British, and I think it was a little more dark than the US version actually. It also moves along a little faster, since each series is only 4 (or is it 6?) episodes long.


I just finished the Season. What a thrilling finale.

I wonder if we'll ever see a second season though. Lilehammer was a great Netflix series too, and we still haven't any word of a second season there, have we? Maybe this is all Netflix will do from now on. A perpetual series of Television opening Seasons that leave you wanting more.

My favorite scene of the series culminated in that Church scene where Frank Underwood visits the Church. He addresses God, the audience and others, and it's delicious. The moral depravity of the series, the talking to the audience, the love/hate relationship we have with the lead character, it all culminated in that scene.

My disappointment with the finale
I was disappointed that Frank and Carie didn't get their comeuppance though. They both got setup for it, but if there's ever a second season, then they can't just happen in the next episode. You know they have to spend the whole season unraveling that. Which means there's going to be chances for the pair to fight back. More lives will get ruined before all this is over.


I think they couldn't film the next Lilyhammer season last year due to Steve Van Zandt being on tour with Bruce Springsteen (you know, his day job!) but they were supposed to start filming this month for the season to air sometime at the end of the year. Forgot where I read that.

Have to catch this House Of Cards show, have had the British version on my queue for ever, not sure if I should watch that first.


Just finished the series tonight. Decent writing and occasionally not-terrible acting in service of a really ridiculous plot. I do hope that they don't go for the ultra-cynical and boringly "dark" Fincher-esque direction in season 2 and
let Kevin Spacey go off into the VP job with no consequences.
That would be disappointing.


oh god...this is my own fault, but I'm at the 9th episode and just wanted to check out if there were any news, when I saw that major spoiler...DAMMIT!


Nah, that was my fault. I tend not to care about spoilers, so sometimes I fail to remember that others do. Apologies.


Crosses the line is a mild way of putting it - I finally got to see the entire season, and wow...thats one uncomfortable scene you are talking about. The GF and I were practically squirming while thinking "he doesn't dare do that!?" - what a great show!

Its very weird, that one can still root for Frank Underwood, but somehow I think I do...Perhaps its because it starts out with him getting screwed, but man...


This was one of the best shows we watched this year. I loved it. Everyone is pretty awful, but you really start to sort of care about them.


Damn. I felt really bad for Pete Russo. He was flawed, but he really got railroaded. His end was sad.

So glad a second season is already in production.






I love this show, and Kevin Spacy is just evil, but somehow, I want him to win over the other bastards.