House of Cards (US version)


Season 4 confirmed! I just finished watching Season 2, so I still have some catching up to do!


The rumor is it ends after Season 4, because then they’ll have a full deck (13 episodes/season x 4 seasons = 52 episodes).

Meanwhile, Season 3 was pretty terrible, aside from faux-Putin. The writing is weighing everything down.


Totally agree. I would only consider watching season 4 if it was the last season.


So about that theory of HoC ending in season 4 after exactly 52 episodes… not happening.

While we still have a bit of a wait until Season 4 is here, Netflix today announced that House of Cards Season 5 is coming in 2017!

Given the quality trajectory of the show across the first three seasons I’m not particularly excited about the news, but hey, maybe season 4 proves me wrong.


Really dumb choice. I loved the first two seasons. The third was ok overall but uneven. This isn’t some standard procerdural show that can just keep pushing episodes out. The third act needs to happen. The skeletons and demons of Frank Underwood need to come home to roost and the whole idea of the proverbial ‘House of Cards’ needs to happen. This is the network making them stretch it out. The creator leaving makes me think that’s whats happening. I bet he wanted to bring the show to an end but Netflix doesn’t want it.


Yikes, I’m 5 episodes in and the writers on this show need to be fired. It’s ridiculous how incompetent and easy-to-manipulate everyone other than the Underwoods are in this show. Seriously, it’s like watching Seinfeld and seeing how they screw up sure things each and every time. At this point, if any of them did nothing and sat on their hands, they would win, but, noooooo…


Yeah, it’s a pretty terrible show and it doesn’t get any better. I gave up somewhere in Season 2, but I hear Season 3 gets really ridiculous.


I’m talking about the new season. This series really needed to wrap up this season… Sooner or later, the bad guys’ communpence has to happen. Netflix feels like that should be around Season 16.


One thing is certain for me, Ellen Burstyn is an amazingly talented old bat.


Getting a very love hate relationship with this show. The show is still really good at times. Kevin Spacy doing his “kid in the tree” story to the audience is Frank Underwood at his best. Also second Ellen Burstyn is great as Claire’s mom. But I hate how Netflix is clearly dragging on the show and not letting the third act happen because it’s their big named series. It does seem why the creator left and unfortunately doesn’t bode well for the future.


Nice timing.

New season May 30th


Late to the party but just catching up (I started S2 this morning). I see it’s based on a series of novels> Are they worth reading?


I started watching Season 3 last week. The season premiere with Doug Stamper’s recovery was nicely filmed, but just such an excruciatingly slow for a season premiere. I wonder if that’s an omen for how the rest of this TV show will evolve? From all the comments upthread, it sounds like it.

And the thing is, I like watching well-made TV shows if just to admire the acting, cinematography, etc. But in this case, since there’s not really any characters currently left on the show that I am rooting for, it’s hard to keep my interest level up.


Season 5 trailer:

I don’t envy any show that has to present a cynical lampooning of politics during a Trump presidency.


Just a reminder that Season 5 is up today.


Sometimes I jump into a show very late. I love doing that, as it gives plenty of binge bait if I end up liking it. I started watching this with my girlfriend and we were entranced from the very first episode. This is great TV! We’re about ten episodes in, I hope the ride up to season 5 holds up.


S4 gets a little bumpy, and I thought this last season stretched credibility beyond the breaking point, but ymmv, as the kids say.

Still, it remained entertaining.


Well, compared to actual events, so far things seem … tame?


That’s that.


I wondered if that might happen if the story got any bigger, but I’m a little surprised to see Netflix pull the plug already.

It’s hard to know what to make of this sort of reaction right now. Six months ago, no way does the story we have now about an incident 30 years ago get the whole show cancelled. It’s easy to understand why that’s different now, but complicated to try to decide how I feel about it.