House of Gucci - Ridley Scott, Adam Driver, Lady Gaga, and More

Jared Leto stays the weirdest cat in the room.

I saw this last night on $5 movie night and enjoyed it. I think it’s a bit long but it’s an interesting story. Both Adam Driver and Lady Gaga are very good in it. I wouldn’t be surprised if Lady Gaga gets an Academy Award nomination.

All the characters speak in English, of course, but with an Italian accent. It’s a bit odd. I guess I like that well enough, but it’s a bit harder on my ancient ears.

Jared Leto…man…every time I saw him on screen I thought, “They cast Gallagher in this!” I knew it wasn’t Gallagher, but I couldn’t help but be reminded of him. It was distracting to me, but I’m sure it was just me.

At one point Al Pacino gave someone, might have been Leto, a “I know it was you, Fredo” hug. The guy is incapable of not being a ham.

The Ringer’s Big Picture podcast just talked about this movie in an unspoilery way, and they loved, loved, loved it. Really made me want to see it. Basically it’s a smorgasborg of acting, and by that they mean all sorts of acting. But what makes it is the movie is in on the joke.

Haha, looks like I can see it in 30 minutes at our AMC in a totally empty theater if I take a long lunch. Doing it.

It’s like a 2 1/2 hour movie. So that’s a long damn lunch.

But, hey, it is also the day before Turkey Day.

Yeah, this is the one day for it. Just need to look at my smartwatch every hour or so.

Well, that was fun. Really wish they could’ve just spoken Italian and subtitled, but I understand that would’ve been commercially challenging.

I turned out not to be alone in the theater as three coworkers took the afternoon off (or long-lunched it, but they were dressed for non-remote work) and were laughing their heads off in the back at just about every big moment/big line. That actually made me appreciate Ridley Scott more, because he’s a director who can provide a mix of big and little moments, so everyone has something for them to enjoy, and he brings the same completeness to shooting each kind of scene.

Saw it. Really enjoyed it. The acting is all over the place, and I frequently laughed out loud.

I had no idea Camille Cottin was in it! That was such a pleasant surprise. I love her.