House Of The Devil

This just popped up on my radar - another 80s horror throwback called House Of The Devil. All I know about it is the AV Club review I just read, which I stopped reading when I got to the part that mentions the couple that owns the house are Tom Noonan and Mary Woronov, because that’s literally all I needed to hear.

So, QT3 horror movie fans, anybody seen this? Should I be excited for when it shows up on DVD months from now and I forget I started this thread?

Saw a preview for it in front of Black Dynamite. My horror-geek friend is totally gonzo for it. I’m nervous, it looks fucking CREEPY.

I am seeing it this weekend. My horror friend saw it and said it’s a real slow burn so it’s not totally like an 80s film. he loved it, the other people he was with HATED it though.

so expect it to split the base.

personally, i LOVE the other Ti West films i’ve seen and am eager to see one on the big screen.

I just saw this having no clue what it was (it is on HDNET movies)

I assumed it was old till I recognized Noonan. very well done, has some cool moments and feels like a '79-'81 era movie that ‘holds up to this day’.

so, well done. Even the end credits are throwbacks, heh, it is pretty charming, and has that old satanic slow dread thing going fairly well.

worth seeing, has some issues, but worth seeing.

Like the entire first hour where nothing happens?

This would have made a decent episode of Tales from the Crypt, but I don’t get all the love.

Totally overrated. 85% on RT? Must be a slow week.

Had good build up, but ending was a huge let down. After ‘Trick r treat’ and ‘Paranormal activity’, this is a definite skip it. And where have I seen Tom Noonan before?

He was just in that Charlie Kaufman movie, Synechdoche New York (or however you spell it), but he’s had a long and awesome career of creepy: he’s the dude William Peterson is hunting in Manhunter, he’s Frankenstein’s monster in The Monster Squad, he’s in Wolfen, F/X, The Last Action Hero, Robocop 2, Heat, etc. etc. etc.