House of the Dragon (HBO)

Well yes, but it’s clearly a fake dick. I checked several times.

Damn. I did not see that coming. (And neither did Aegon! Bwahahaha!)

With a glad cry and a crack of her whip, Rhaenys turned toward her foe.

I loved that line in the Fire & Blood book.

That must be the sneakiest dragon of all time! Two out of nowhere dragon kills now. Not sure why she didn’t flee after the King went down, assuming her dragon had the speed advantage.

I think it was reasonably suggested that she considered retreating but decided the chance for an unparalleled blow to the greens and her whole approach to the conflict convinced her to order “Meyles attack!” again.

I was so confused about the Strong that manages Harrenhal and comments on Daemons side adventure. It was such a distinct way of speaking and acting yet I could not place it.
Only after looking it up I realized it’s actually Beria, from probably my favourite movie the Death of Stalin.

Wow, that was an eventful episode.

  • The Greens lost half an army, a small dragon and a King.
  • The Blacks lost a small castle, a large veteran dragon and a Princess.

I think the Greens got the better outcome at the end of the day. They now control more than half the Riverlands, they still have a larger host than the Blacks (because they currently have no host), the loss of the dragon is a blow, but a blow softened by the loss of a much larger and more capable dragon on the other side, and the loss of Aegon isn’t really a loss at all in the grand scheme of things since because Daemon killed Aegon’s son, Aemon will now presumably be (a much stronger) King.
Meanwhile the Blacks have lost the wisdom and cunning of a senior advisor in Rhaenys along with the combat effectiveness of Meyles, their second largest dragon, and all they have to show for it is the death of the King, which will only solidify the Green cause.

Things are looking rather bleak for Rhaenyra. I suspect Aemon will press his advantage now and that the Blacks only hope will be a host from the north arriving at the last minute to turn the tide. I never read Fire and Blood though, so I am just guessing.

I don’t think Aegon is actually dead, which may still be a boon since he’ll be crippled/bedridden so he will now do exactly as Alicent suggested: Nothing.

I could be wrong. I haven’t read the books either.