HOUSE Season 2

Been pretty good so far, I thought. Although I’m amazed that no-one has yet weighed in on these forums in response to the revelation that apparently Foreman is now House’s boss. They even teased the notion that it could be a permament arrangement (of course it won’t be, though.)

Yeah this show has been rocking my socks. I think the best part of the season was when The following happened…

House Said “Interweb”

The Hot chick got all hopped up on drugs and fucked the austraillian dude and then house called her out on it the next morning. The black dude was just sitting there going HA WTF!

This season so far has been friggin great IMHO.

Something that dissapointed me though was that he went from playing a DS to playing a PSP :(

Ahh House. A wonderful show! Damn Billboard awards bumping it out of last night.

Biggest surprise for me was seeing Hugh Laurie or whatever the actor’s name is on a late night talk show – the guy’s a Brit (I should have guessed by his teeth) but he plays a jackass American to a T.

This is has been a very, very good fall t.v. season for the following three reasons:

  1. The Office
  2. House
  3. Boston Legal

He’s been upgrading - at least technologically - from the beginning of Season 1. He started out with a Game Boy SP, I believe.

Easily one of the best shows on TV right now. Regarding Laurie being British, I can’t believe you people haven’t seen Blackadder :(

Blackadder goes Forth is possibly the funniest thing ever filmed

Easily 2 followed by 3 as the peak of Blackadder (not that 1 and 4 are bad, of course). Laurie was only a guest in the second series, but graduated to full blown star in the third as the Prince of Wales.

“I’ll be back before you can spell antidisestablishmentarism”.

Huge fan of House, I generally laugh through most of the episode. That is when I am not grimacing in pain over all the unnecessary procedures they inflict on the patients. Minus the stupid soccer/rugby touchy feely ending last season I have been pretty happy with it.

Hello dudes Stuart Little! Come on now you havent seen him in that? I love thinking of that movie when I see him playing the asshole he does so well.

I have heard that the comedy that he does on BBC is gold.

Cluck cluck cluck cluck cluck…

The best episode this season was like #2 or #3, the one with the little girl with cancer. God, that was fuckin’ brilliant all around, but the most shocking moment is when they LITERALLY BOLT HER SKULL TO THE OPERATING TABLE WITH A POWER TOOL. Holy. Shit.

Well there was no way they could have her move even the tiniest little bit - under the circumstances, I’d be pretty comfortable with them bolting my head down too.

Cameron’s sudden drug induced sex rage was a bit naff, but she’s still hot.

HAHAHAHAHAAHAHA. That was the most awesome knee to the balls ever.

Damn the one episode I’ve missed in a while and we get a knee. I’m looking forward to something coming here in the final weeks of season 2 to come and shake things up. I still love the show, but I don’t want it’s premise to get stale, and just be House and his witty comments to patients and his staff. Not sure what I want, but it needs some new spice!

I guess you missed the whole Stacey subplot.

I loved the preview for the upcoming episodes…

HOUSE: What is that smell?
WILSON: Stuffed pepper.
HOUSE: What is it stuffed with? Vomit?

Was also freaky to see House’s fucked up leg last week.

— Alan

If anything I think the show is getting better as it goes on.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the show, and I have been enjoying the little side arcs, though it was nice to see Sela Ward go, and it’s interesting to watch House’s rapid decline… It’s by far my favorite drama on television at the moment. I just want a little more drama carried over from episode to episode - i.e. Cameron’s AIDS scare was basically tossed to a quick scene here and there, her drugged out sleeping with Chase… Maybe I want a little bit more into the lives of the other docs as well. I love the backstory of House and his issues, and since it’s his show it makes sense. I just like the other docs as well and I’d like to see their lives a bit more. I think that’s what I’m after. If they don’t, it’s not like I’ll stop watching the show though.

Edit. to fix my glaring mistakes.

That’s the one episode I missed, but I thought it was Chase she slept with?

You’re right, just typing and mixing them up in the head. Interesting episode that one.