HOUSE Season 2

Talk about getting mixed up. Selma Blair was never in the show and Cameron slept with Chase, not Foreman.

— Alan

True true… Must wake up before I start typing. Sela Ward and Chase. Right, I am paying attention here, just need to find another cup of coffee.

Don’t get me wrong, I wish Selma Blair was in the show…

— Alan

From the episodes mentioned in this thread, I get the idea that we in the UK might actually be seeing stuff less than three years old (which is pretty much what we get with the CSIs and Law and Orders, I think*). Last week’s House was the one with the guy with AIDS. When was that shown in the US?

  • one channel shows The Daily Show - a day late…

HOUSE is only in its second season so you’re pretty much guaranteed those episodes are less than three years old.

I’d say that’s about 6-8 episodes behind as far as new ones go.

— Alan

This last episode also had several recognizable guest stars:

the teacher guy from Head of the Class
Missy from Jack and Bobby
evil supergenius ringleader guy from season 6 of Buffy
Weiss from Alias

That’s who that guy was, I was trying to place him…

— Alan

Howard Hesseman has done a bunch of stuff besides Head of the Class. Maybe I’m old, but to me he will always be “Dr. Johnny Fever” from WKRP in Cincinatti.

House has surprised me by keeping my attention even now–which I never expected when a friend loaned me the first season dvd set a while back, since you can just about set your watch by each episode’s structure. But it keeps working even now that I’ve caught up.

Still, at some point they should really just assign a crash cart team to just follow House and staff wherever they go. Drawing some blood? Crash cart! Just speaking with to get some more false medical history? Crash cart! Just strolling with the patient when they’re discharged twenty minutes in? Crash cart!

Recently had two superb eps in a row: The consistenly witty and awesome “migraine” ep and the good-until-the-punchline-made-it-great “supermodel” ep.

Also, now they’ve had two members of the Buffy Nerd Trio on, as Tom Lenk was on previously as the flight attendant who was quitting smoking. Now all they need is the guy who played Jonathan to come on House and the circle is complete.

I’ve been out of town and only caught this week’s HOUSE last night but, boy, what a good episode. Once again confirming that this is one of the best dramas on TV.

And you want to talk about nerd factor? How about none other than Lance Guest, aka Alex Rogan, aka THE LAST STARFIGHTER, cropping up as Michelle Trachtenberg’s dad? Now THAT is cool.

Agreed 100% Whitta. House is currently vying with BSG for the honor of being my favorite TV show.

I know … the star of one of my fave movies from my undergraduate days in one of my fave current shows … sweeeeet :)


“Oh snap!”

“Told you it would be more dramatic.”

Could someone please find whomever is scheduling shows like House by shotgunning them on the calendar and beat them senseless? This one week on, two weeks off, one week on, THREE weeks off stuff is getting very annoying.

House is vying for top spot in my house with Regenesis, which has just started back up - between the two of them they wipe out any other medical drama on TV.

Or shows like Veronica Mars, which finally decided it wasn’t wise to be on opposite Lost. So they put it opposite House.

tivo/torrent is your friend

I still think the greatest House moment is when he gets kicked in the balls.

… by a guy who briefly appeared on Lost…