Anyone else watching this? It’s one of my new favorite shows. I wonder about its creative longevity as it seems as though it’s already settled into an established formula, but despite that it features some very smart writing, a great lead character and performance from Hugh Laurie, some interesting moral/ethical issues, ascerbic comedy and even some educational bits snuck in under the wire.

I think I just liked it particularly this week because I correctly guessed that the chick had Rabies when she spat the water out.

Heh. I’ve watched it from the start.

I think that as long as they throw a curve every so often, that the forumla won’t be a problem (not like formula drama/comedy can’t survive). Like next week’s “House tries to kick Vicodin” episode.

I also think that they have enough supporting cast that they can dribble out backstory as B-plots to distract from the main formula plot enough.

I guess I’m asking for spoilers, but I’ve only seen three episodes. Do the patients ever die? How often?

Yeah. Leslie Hope’s character (a homeless woman) died in the last episode. And yeah, I figured out rabies ahead of the diagnosis as well. It was the aversness to bright light that was the key for me.

I seem to recall an earlier thread on House… It’s called “search” Whitta.

Theres too many graphical medical scenes. Whats up with that?

I have no interest in seeing someones head being drilled into or getting a spinal tap or whatever. Blech!

I would be interested to know what americans think of Hugh Laurie’s accent. To me, it sounds a little bit fake.

I’ve been watching House since it began, and I’ve been enjoying it very much.

I’m a bit of a medical show fanboy, though I’m fairly quick to judge and abandon the bad ones (ER got cut a few seasons back when it became a soap opera instead of a medical show).

House has been consistently entertaining, and the formula doesn’t bother me one iota. The only real suspension of disbelief I really have to do is to wonder about how all these insanely rare medical problems make their way into one single hospital.

I turned my brother onto this show, and he’s in his final year of medical school, so is capable of giving an accurate opinion of the ‘medicine’. He says it’s generally well done, and he takes pride in his ability to play along and reach a diagnosis before it’s revealed to the audience.

As for Hugh Laurie, I think his American accent is great (speaking as a Canadian ;)). I didn’t even realize he was British until I looked him up on the IMDB, wondering what he’d done in the past. He’s really playing the bitter, tactless side of House with relish, and I’m enjoying his performance more than a little.


The funny thing (to us) is that House’s group does all their own work. Their own labs, their own CAT scans/MRIs. Hell, they even go dig up pet graves instead of having other people do it.

I’d have to agree that they certainly went a bit Nip/Tuck with the needle-into-eyeball bit and the incision-into-armpit-while-patient-is-awake in episode 11. The kitty autopsy reminded me of the x-files.

What is surprising to me is that I do not mind it in Nip and Tuck, I just force myself to look at it with an aim of what does make me feel weak and queasy will make me feel less weak and queasy with more exposure. But when it comes to House, it seems like they saw Nip and Tuck do it and decided to slop it in - it just does not seem to fit as well to me.

Is anyone else watching (and loving) House? This is easily one of my favorite shows of the week, right after the new Battlestar Galactica.

Formulaic, yes, but damnit, Hugh Laurie makes it work. Plus they’ve got great character arcs that span the episodes. And the show is hilarious, to boot.

And yeah, Jennifer Morrison is hawt, hawt, hawt, hawt.

Who knew that surgeons can perform keyhole brain surgery by going in through the gums? Not I.

Who Nose?

Pretty good show…I started watching it because of Hugh Laurie (I grew up in England watching “A Bit of Fry and Laurie” and “Blackadder”) but got sucked into the overall Medical Mystery theme. To me, it’s certainly more interesting than, say, CSI, although some of the episodes do stick a little too close to the “myterious ailment…wrong diagnosis…left field clue…save the day” formula.

I love this show. Been watching it for a while and saying “why does that guy look so familliar” then it hit me. GEORGE!!!

Argh… my system clock was running fast and so it my PC cut off the last minute or two of House. How’d it end? I hear the final scene is a good one.

Did you miss the hamfisted speech about love and being open with people from the Dominatrix with a Heart of Gold? I wish I had.

That and the lacrosse scene.

I really enjoy this show too. I actually like the graphic nature of some of the procedures, especially when the patient ends up going through it for nothing. Damn that has to suck. These doctors are not infalliable, especially House. Plus you just can’t go wrong with all the sexual harassement. Fun bags indeed.

“Is it true what they say about Jewish foreplay”
“Two hours of begging?”
“I thought it was four.”
“Well, I’m actually only half Jewish.”

I like the mysteries, but the character interaction, and House’s attitude, is just overdone. The writers try too hard in many cases, and I find it annoying. The moralizing is a bit much too. I feel like I am watching an 80s sitcom at times, except the moral message is completely bizarre.

Tonight’s episode was almost certainly the best so far. They managed to simultaneously stick to the established formula while also breaking free of the restrictions of said formula, they explained everything you could want to know about House’s condition, and they had Carmen Electra with no pants on. Also, I wouldn’t be surprised if they were prepping those three med students for later addition to the show.