Housing Crisis, Chapter 2


First, the poor people with bad credit and subprime loans will get hit.

Second, the people with super duper jumbo loans will be hit.

Third, the average American with prime loans will be hit.

Then, there will be recovery.

Wait, does someone believe me now?

You’ve been preaching to the choir. This shit was coming back in late 2003, early 2004. The Feds could have avoided this had they stopped lowering interest rates back in mid-2003.

Yeah, but the Boyz on Wallstreet needed another bubble after the .com bust. Mr. Greenscam to the rescue!

Greenscam. Good one.

Do you have a list of all your great little nicknames? Or any reason at all we should belive you’re more than 16?

Do I piss you off? Because that makes it all worthwhile.


Haha when the first four posts in a thread are Dirt and Midnight Son, you know you’re in for some real crazy/stupid.

Crazy/stupid is when you do nothing to actually contribute something to a thread.

These threads can’t be used for anything productive with MS involved in them, which he now is. So this thread is dead.

I think they’re tired of hearing about the popping Bubble. Oh well, the fallout won’t be over for a couple of years yet.

Got popcorn?

Yeah, this thread is on the fast track to productivity.

That’s the Midnight Son role.

Wait, shouldn’t this be “Housing Crisis, Chapter 3” then?

We already had #38, for fuck’s sake. And searching EE and P&R for “Housing” or “Bubble” shows about twenty threads in the last couple of years.

That said, this is indeed one of the worst ones yet. Let’s see just how low the signal-to-noise could possibly go.

Or, on the other hand, we could all just shut up and read thehousingbubbleblog.com and Calculated Risk, both of which have vastly more real info than we could ever be bothered to post here.

Or, we could do that AND watch Dirt and Midnight Son circle-jerk each other into distastefully blissful oblivion.

Fixed. A circle jerk takes at least three.

Stop lying you bubbleheads!


Its different here!

I would just like to add that demeaning nicknames are possibly my least favorite part of the American political process, and that is a pretty strong statement.

It was a sweet thread because it was 100% blocklist for me. Until Hanzii posted and ruined it :(

“I’m not talking to you anymore, cause you’re stupid!”

From crazy/stupid to juvenilia.