How a $500 Craigslist car beat $400k rally racers

Pretty amazing article on a guy that cobbled together a rally car to race against WRC cars. I hope this guy gets some support now to continue racing.

It’s a good read. I enjoyed the part where they faced almost certain death flying off a bridge, only to be saved by a complete fluke.

Great find. Awesome story how he cobbled together a car, and kept it cobbled the whole race. I really liked how people commented that he jumped out at each service, cranked the tunes and went to work, keeping the car patched up.

Very cool.

I wonder how much it actually costs; tyres alone would be in the thousands. But still, a great story and one that would have the heads of the werks teams yelling at themselves. I picture a Downfall type scene…if someone could make that, that would be so awesome.

Yeah, I loved this article. Livin the dream man!

I wish there was video of the part where he slid sideways down a road waving at people while his driver shouted at him. That would be awesome.

The cops shut the highway and city streets down so we could get from city to city fast. Well let me tell you that hauling ass on rally tires with other rally cars while Mexican cops try to keep up with you is priceless. Not to mention the streets are just lined with people for over 20 miles.

Classic. I love that article. Reminds me of how people show up to the local autocross with Ferraris and high end Porsches… they get beat by tuned Miatas and never come back.

I knew a guy on the Intarweb some years ago who claimed to have beaten Frank Beard and his Ferrari on some little oval in Texas, with a Mercury Grand Marquis, or something along those lines. Maybe it was a Sable.

Sweet, there is hope for my 2001 Ford Focus (wagon) yet!

Yes, you might have hope for comparing with it, after converting it to rwd and dropping an S14 in it. :) This so called ‘$500 junker’ still goes for about $2000-5000 (in good condition) on used car listings, despite being nearly 20 years old… It was a very nice car, and I’m sure they dumped a ton of money on parts as well.

If I recall correctly, the guy made his own rollcage to save money so they could afford to buy at least a couple sets of rally tires.

now available for forza

lol wow, the dude, the man himself Bill Caswell, plays Forza? And they publish his gamertag so you can play with him? Everything rules.

Damn, my life would be complete if i could pull off anything REMOTELY close to that. Till I can, here’s to living life vicariously!

However, the Ferarri driver still gets to go home in a Ferarri while the dude in the Miata still goes home in that. The winner is pretty obvious in this scenario

Yeah. The guy in the Miata.