How are you planning on upping your gamerscore for the points challenges?

Just curious if people have mapped out a set of games they are going to use to up their scores or are just gonna keep doing what they are doing. I didnt realize that the prize pools were so limited (ie 70k copies of Contra only) so I was thinking I might try to buzz through it myself in a weekend…

I’m just going to keep doing what I’m doing. If it gets down to the wire, I’ll rent King Kong or something. If I don’t get Contra, meh.

Wait… you’ve been able to sign up? I haven’t tried since yesterday… And the shitty thing>? I got a few achievements last night.

its amazing, Samurai Warriors is PERFECT for this challenge… Just hammer throw a few campaigns, Presto, there is 1000 points.

Shitty thing, though, is that most of the achievements, I already have, and they don’t amount to 1,000…

I love gamerscore but this kind of stuff doesn’t interest me. I get ewarm fuzzies when ever I unlock an achievement but power gaming to get 1500 points added to my score doesn’t interest me.

I dont like old spice and I own contra, so there are no prizes for me.

Yeah, I plan to just do I what I do. Between crackdown and some unfinished achievements on my current games I should be good.

Yeah, I signed up for this just because, hey if I make the 1500 points anyway I get something for it. If not, then it’s no skin off my back. It’s not like it costs anything to enter or you have to play specific games or anything.

To me I think the most compelling thing is the price that escalates you to level 2 or level 3. Those three levels aren’t just for this challenge, they’re for ALL challenges. In future challenges, you’ll be Level 2 or whatever based on your annual gamerscore (and past promotions to higher level) and that will determine your prize. So maybe a future contest will have far more compelling prizes only for level 2 or 3, and I’ll use this contest to boost me there.

Anyway, we got Crackdown, I’m gonna get back into Oblivion and there are points in the expansion, Guitar Hero 2, and several XBLA games between now and April 15. I’m going in with the assumption that I’ll get something free for the normal playing I’ll do.