How can a publisher not be aware of this?

I mean, Silence of the Lambs was kind of a big deal, right?

But browsing my library’s ebook collection I see this:

Seems pretty blatant.

Dude, that bug is on fire. Where can I get a copy?

Yo! It’s a Street Novel! You be straight trippin’!

What on earth makes you think they’re not aware of the similarity?!

Did that really warrant an interrobang?


I suspect the audiences for the two works are very, very different.

<Easy E’s Ghost> You are now about to witness the power of street novel. </Easy E’s Ghost>

I was going for good-naturedly gobsmacked; didn’t mean to interrobang. You’re right that it’s a particularly egregious example but this kind of horseshit is par for the course in marketing.

The movie came out in what, '91? That cover art would look brand new to just about everyone in that book’s target demo.

Still a classic movie poster… had it on my dorm room wall for years. I love how the skull on the moth is made of women.

Whoa, I never even noticed that before. Fairly daring for '91. Awesome.

Will reading this improve my street cred?

Fairly daring if you’ve never seen the Dali photo.

NSFW (Maybe) -

Is it even from a real publisher, or just someone self publishing e-books through Amazon, or whatever?

Copying is part of the artist trade. Theres nothing wrong on copyiong other people work: its the base of our civilization, we dont reinvent the weel to build a car, we use what we know and have to move our culture to the next level.

Street Novel: the next level of our culture.

I’m more of a Cul-de-sac Fan Fiction kind of guy.

Good point! I forgot they borrowed that from Dali.

See? Nothing is original! Everything is recycled!

That’s nothing, a lot of book covers are only exclusively licensed for a few years…more generic ones can and do get re-used…

I haven’t seen that Photoshop fire filter in over a decade.