How can I clean-up this picture?

I didn’t realize all the debris in the bowl would show up so annoyingly (this is my “Japanese Zero” Sarasa Comet).

So, how can I remove all that background clutter in say “Paint Shop Pro”, “Microsoft Photo Editor”, or some other picture editing program?? Thanks for the help! :D

Might be able to use the “bandaid” tool in Photoshop ( version 7 + CS ) or if you’ve got some kind of “clone” tool, that could work as well.

Band-aid tool in Photoshop 7.

That tool alone is worth $700.

Here’s what I did for you in 15 minutes:

After another 15 minutes, I tried to get fancy and knock him out of his fishbowl, but it wasn’t enough time for me to get the transparency mask right, even with my uber-elite skillz.

Hey Roger, there’s this shot of a famous celebrity that I need “cleaned up” and transferred onto a different image. Think you can help?


sure. pm me or something

Ok, don’t trust any Brad Pitt-like images Spoofy posts to nut’s Awesome image board, trying to pass off as himself.

Roger Wong - HOLY COW! That is sweet! Where can a poor person buy Photoshop and not pay a ton? Note: I don’t want to pirate it.

You know what’s amazing? It even kept the capillary detail in the the tail. WOW!

Photoshop Elements 3.0!

If you’re a student, you can get Photoshop CS (aka 8.0) academic pricing for about $260-$270.

The healing tool uses a designated “clean” portion of your image as a model for its healing algorithm. So, when I was “healing” dirt from out near the capillaries, I selected a similar patch of clean capillary as the source.

Hey Roger, what are the differences between Elements and CS? (Or, in other words, how stupid am I if I don’t cough up the dough to buy CS while I’m still a student? :) )

The following link won’t mean much to you unless you’re already a photoshop user.

In layman’s terms, if all you’re ever going to do is touch-up some digital photos, you’ll be fine with Elements. Elements is a subset of Photoshop CS containing some editing tools for basic touch-up and color correction.

You won’t be able to do professional-level work with Elements. Only Photoshop CS has the proper tools for CMYK separations, curves for precise color correction, and alpha masks for transparency channels – like what I used in the fish out of water example above.

PS: Elements has a healing brush.

Open source pimp that I am, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the GIMP. The Windows installer works very nicely and you can’t beat the price. Photoshop, however, still has it beat in features (such as the aforemention CMYK seperations) and ease of use (which, well you consider how user unfriendly Photoshop can be to a complete newbie, is saying a lot).

Last time I looked GIMP had lousy (I mean utterly friggin’ lousy) tablet support. Has that changed? (Wacom Intuos protocol specifically is what I’d be interested in; or Graphire if it actually differentiates in GIMP. The protocol should be the same either way I believe.)

Honestly, I don’t know. I don’t use a tablet and never had the occasion to investigate. I had heard that support was being improved, but that was so long ago, I don’t know if it’d do you any good.