How can I get Steam to see where a game is actually installed?

For some reason that I can’t quite make out, when I tell Steam to play Far Cry 2, it insists on looking for it on the wrong HDD in a folder that perhaps used to have it but doesn’t anymore, F:\Program Files\Steam…etc. It’s actually installed on the E: drive, which IS where Steam finds it when I tell it to “move game installation folder,” bizarrely, given that the play button doesn’t get that.

You’d think you could just find wherever Steam stores the paths and correct the path in question, right?

That’s bizarre. Maybe the .asf file got lost. But, yeah, I think there’s a file somewhere.

No kidding it’s bizarre. I even played it by double clicking on the .exe where it’s actually installed, with no problems. You’d think after quitting out, Steam would figure out what had happened.

Reinstall it! :)

Or if you lack the time/bandwidth, try renaming the folder, use Steam to uninstall the game, rename the folder back, then install to where the game is actually located.

Steam should pick up the existing files and use those - but this is not 100% guaranteed. ;)

Yup, I think that’s what I’ll have to do. I’ll try that trick you suggested, though.

I uninstalled Steam while troubleshooting recently and after reinstalling it would not accept my existing install folder. I had to create a new one then move all my games into that. I may have restarted Steam as well to get it to recognise they were there. Very odd and annoying!

I tried Profanicus’ trick and it worked like a charm.