How can I lock the PSP power button when I'm playing?

Short version – just lost 4 hours of Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce when my PSP shut itself off due to how I was playing it. When I play, I cushion the right side of the PSP with my right hand because I have to hit all those buttons, and sooner or later my hand pushes the power switch up and off. Normally this just knocks it into sleep mode, but just a minute ago I lost all my progress in Hu Lao Gate (just beat Lu Bu too, son of a bitch!) when it shut itself off due to me hitting the power button.

Putting it in Hold status just shuts off all the buttons. Is there any way around this?

There’s this, but you’ll have to be using custom firmware:

Alternatively you could try wedging some small object inbetween the power switch and the outer shell, but the switch is a very flimsy piece of plastic (at least on the original PSP-1000), so I’m not sure if this is a good idea.

Duct tape. Cheap, smooth, easy to remove.

I prefer electrical tape…smoother with less residue.

Is that a usability report or a taste test?

Taste test…why?