How can you fix/train a retarded right thumb

So, this is an issue I have had for a very long time and I feel as if I am missing out on a lot of cool games out there. I have played FPS on the PC for years now and converting to console is almost impossible because I suffer from right thumb retardation. Trying to aim with my right thumb is at times impossible and I am sure I am not the only person who has suffered from this.

Anyone have any suggestions on how to get better? maybe there is a game out there that will help train my thumb? It sure as heck isnt modern warfare 2 online… :(

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Is your left thumb any better? I always switch the sticks so that right thumb is move/strafe and left stick is aim.

It’s not your thumb that is retarded, it is just feeling the effects of general console game retardation. Your thumb can try to accomodate this level of retardation but sadly nothing will ever make it go away.

Not true. Consoles could have mouse support, or any of those might-be-shit 3d pointing devices. Could easily have the accuracy needed for accurate play.

You’re giving them alot of credit, don’t ya think?

Ps3 support mouse and 360 also have mouse support, it’s really up the dev if they want to support them in their games.

Generally we don’t support them because most of the console gamers want a console experience, IE, couch + controller. Also putting mouse support in a FPS basically forces every gamer to go mouse to be on the even playfield.

Are you on PS3 or 360? If you’re on PS3, then switching to 360 should help a LOT. It’s got much more accurate thumbsticks.

If you’re already on the 360 controller, then the Halo games are really good tutors for aiming, especially in Co-op.

Play around with the sensitivity. Amazing what small changes in sensitivity can do to your playing experience.

Try using strafing tactics with your left thumb to fine-tune your aim instead of fiddling with precise targeting with the right stick.

most of the “cool” fps games on consoles usually available on PC, just get the PC version.


Yeah, that is a very good tip as well. Being 40 i can’t keep up with the young’uns who won’t get off my lawn in the FPS’s when it comes to quick aiming but the tip above helps a lot.

I like that idea, I’ll give it a shot! No pun intended…

You’ll need to institute a punishment/reward system. Thumb performs well? It gets coddled and pampered. Thumb performs bad? Hammer time!

This is key. Aim on a console is basically the two thumbs compestating for each other to stay on target. I suggest playing through some single player stuff to get used to it a bit. Just dial the difficulty down and run around shooting everthing while you get used the sticks.

It does? How do you even hook up a mouse to the 360?

The 360 and PS3 have USB ports.

Fallout 3 is actually a pretty forgiving trainer for FPS training - try to only switch to VATS when absolutely necessary.

Borderlands offers an endless amount of targets with various movement patterns, and it’s easy to train on lower level mobs with little risk.

I found out-of-VATS shooting in F3 to be really frustrating on the 360, so much so that I just stuck with melee/explosives characters.