How can you fix/train a retarded right thumb

still on the days of the PS/2 port?

Retarded Right Thumb.

Got a chuckle at the sound of it.

The next Steven King novel Curse of the Retarded Right Thumb.

Do you guys really have that much trouble aiming with a game pad? FFS, it’s not that difficult. I grew up on PC FPS games and I’ve since finished many shooters on consoles and I play multiplayer with an issue. If console gamers are the idiots that PC gamers so often portray them to be, then how is it that you can’t perform the same simple actions that they can? :)

That said, if aiming with a gamepad is truly beyond you then I guess plug in a USB mouse and go with what you know.

That these stations don’t have mouse is an atrocity…they could instead put in a thing that refused use of mouse in certain games…atleast give me mouse for stuff like Civ…

MAG might be my first FPS purchase tho considering Tom is pimpin it out .

That these stations don’t have mouse is an atrocity.

They would have to include one in the box so that everyone gets one.

Personally, I’m not using a mouse in my living room. Just, no.

I haven’t played consoles in years. Going in the thread, I actually believed the OP suffers from a horrifying medical condition. During the earlier console days, and even Arcade, I believe my thumbs were quite actively participating throughout in the gameplay.
Pray tell to the next-gen uninitiated, what is a thumb retardation?

Well, the first step for me was playing cover shooters like R6 Vegas and Gears. This forced me to use the stick to aim while allowing me to take my time by staying behind cover. I think when I finally got decent at stick shooting was when I had to to play MGS4. As others have said, it’s ultimately still less precise than mouse & keyboard, but most console games are designed with that in mind.

You rang?

I love everyone’s suggestions to “Go back to PC gaming”. If he wanted to do that, I think he could figure it out pretty quickly. He’s asking on how to train his thumb for console play, and therefore DOES NOT WANT TO KEEP PLAYING COMPUTER GAMES.

Jesus christ.

Play the halo games, single player of co-op. Start on an easy difficulty til you get good, and then bump it up.

Who exactly said to go back to PC gaming? “Everyone” is generally giving some suggestions and discussion, nobody said HEY PLAY ON PC YOU FUCKING LOSER CONSOLES ARE FOR LOSERS YOU GOD DAMN LOSER

There are various “mods” available for gamepads that might alleviate (or exerbate?) some of your problems. is one that I’ve heard of, and don’t know if they suck or not, but I’m sure there are others available. have a similar “stick extenders”, and also, apparently, modded controllers that allow “cheating”.

Stop gnawing on it?

Yeah no one said it at all.

Yeah a couple snarks warranted a knee-jerk “Jesus Christ” and caps lock for sure.

See, this is why they don’t let you work the suicide hotlines anymore.

Problem Solved

I think when he said “everyone” he meant “a shocking minority”, and by “Jesus Christ”, he meant “it’s that time of the month for me, sorry about this guys”.

There are two things you can do. I find inverting the right stick helps a ton even though when I use a mouse I don’t do that. Also, the other thing that someone mentioned up thread is use the strafe to help fine tune your aim rather than the right stick aiming.

One last thing. Much like anything else you need to actually use the controls a lot to get used to them. I know so many people who try it like one or two times and give up. Commit to getting better and you will.

Throw more grenades and stick to fully automatic spray-and-pray weapons.

Stick extenders? Uhh, what are we really talking about here?