How come there's no Dreamgirls thread?

Is it because that movie is too ghey for this forum?

Well, let me tell you something. As a guy who watches Gilmore Girls, Ugly Betty, Project Runway, and My Super Sweet 16, I have no problem starting the thread myself. I AM COMFORTABLE IN MY MASCULINITY THAT WAY. Well, that’s what my wife told me to say. Also I’m wearing a dress as I type this. But still. That’s not the point.

The point is: Good movie. A bit cheeseball at times, as expected, and at least 1/2 hour too long, but in general I found it to be much more entertaining than I was giving it credit for, and the performances that have already been singled out by teh media–Eddie Murphy (holy crap!) and Jennifer Hudson–are great. Even knowing about all the Jennifer Hudson hype didn’t really prepare me, prolly cuz I was cynical about it going in. But she’s the real deal there. (Though I could have done without the loud woman behind me at the theater yelling “SING IT, GIRL!”). Beyonce is pretty “meh”, but that seemed to be part of the point of the movie. Speaking of which, I didn’t know all that real life drama about Diana Ross and the Supremes (I know this was a fictionalized take—but the basics of the original lead singer, Florence Ballard, for which I thank wikipedia, seems to be relatively true to life).

All in all, a pretty safe “date” movie for you fellas who normally need aliens or car crashes in yer movies. My wife and daughter loved it and I only fell asleep once.


There are topics here about Ugly Betty and Gilmore Girls, and you’re worried that posting about Dreamgirls will get you pegged as ghey?

As the resident non-gay musical theater dood who saw the original production of Dreamgirls back in the 80’s, I would agree with Jeff and elaborate.

When I saw the show, there was one number in it (And I am Telling You) that just kicked my ass. It ends act I, and honestly, over 20 years later, about the only thing I remembered about the show was that it had an amazing act I finale.

So we went to the movie, and Jennifer Hudson just knocks that song out of the park. She was better than the original cast, because I remember from the show that the somewhat bitchy woman becomes sympathetic in that song. Hudson keeps all of the sharp corners and abrasiveness of her character, and lets you see her pain. So you understand exactly what’s happened to her, you see that it’s her own damn fault, you feel the pain she’s in, but you also see that she’s still just as abrasive and temperamental. What was a wail of “please love me” in the original show, becomes that, and a screaming demand that everyone love her. And everyone knows that as soon as you demand to be loved, you’ve lost it.

And that may make it sound like you’re going to hate the character and hate the song, but you won’t. It’s an amazing balancing act and she pulls it off.

And Eddie Murphy does more than his James Brown imitation. This is one of those movies where Eddie comes in and shows that he’s a really good actor when it’s someone else’s movie. I wish he did more “parts” instead of “Eddie Murphy movies” because he’s a real talent when he’s not being Eddie Murphy.

Go see this.

But what do I know, I liked Rent.

That’s awesome.

And there are no gay cowboys.

I hated it, but I hate musicals. My girlfriend sold it to me as a “Ray” or “Walk the Line” kind of movie, which I liked.

It seemed like a great movie for people who like musicals, though. The acting was great when the character weren’t magically singing brand new songs in perfect harmony with each other.

Eddie Murphy was amazing, too.