How DC Universe tricks you into playing as Robin

Title How DC Universe tricks you into playing as Robin
Author Tom Chick
Posted in Games
When January 21, 2011

Okay, you know Batman's sidekick, Chris O'Donnell, or "Robin", or "Burt Ward", as your parents might know him? He's in DC Universe. If you spend 10 legendary marks, you can play as him in the arena battles..

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Ouch. At least you didn't spend marks to play as Jason Todd's Robin. You'd have just lost your account to the Joker...permanently.

Ouch. At least you didn't spend marks to play as Jason Todd's Robin. You'd have just lost your account to the Joker...permanently.

Haha. Okay, allow me to slip into DC fanboy mode for a moment...

There have actually been three Robins (well, five if you want to get technical, but I won't). Dick Grayson was the first one, played by Burt Ward and Chris O'Donnell. He did indeed grow up to become Nightwing. He's the protector of Bludhaven and occasional member of the Teen Titans (in the comics, not the animated universe).

The second one was Jason Todd, aka 'the asshole Robin'. He was a jerk who got beaten up and 'killed' by the Joker, only to come back as a villain called The Red Hood. I'm not sure if Todd/Red Hood is in the game as an NPC, but I wouldn't be surprised.

The current Robin is Tim Drake, a high school kid who figured out Batman's secret identity and basically blackmailed him into taking him on as Robin. He wears the yellow/red/black Robin costume, and he's the Robin who you see in all the quests (i.e. the Poison Ivy and Harley Quinn missions) and police stations in the game. He's also the Robin who appeared on the popular animated show Teen Titans.

I hope this answers many of your questions about Robin. :)

Actually Tim Drake is Red Robin now. No longer Batman's sidekick. Bruce Wayne and Talia al Ghul's son, Damian, is the new Robin.

gremlinclr: Ah, you're absolutely right. But apparently DCUOnline hasn't caught up with Morrison's Batman run yet, as Tim is still Robin in the game.

Most dissapointing part of this post is discovering that Jason Todd was brought back to life at some point. 'Death in the Family' was a landmark series in comic history(for Joker, Batman, and Robin), kind of shameful that somewhere along the way DC mucked that up?

:Off to look up this so-called Red Hood chap on wikipedia:.

It's like Nerd Central in here!

...says the guy nearly at the level cap in DC Universe Online...

There is a Batman animated movie on Jason Todd/Red Hood available to watch on netflix if you have it. I saw it the other week, decent movie for what it was. I didn't know there were so many Robins. I knew about Nightwing but all the others. At least they age.

Ha! Tom got Crying Gamed.

Ha! Tom got Crying Gamed.

As a corollary to gremlinclr's post, you can think of it this way: you got tricked into playing as Batman.

Hey, it gets worse. Dick Grayson (first Robin) actually becomes Batman while Batman is off being quasi-dead.

And now that Bruce is back, Dick is STILL Batman.

Double Batman ... it's so awesome ...

You're funny :-) It's common knowledge in the DC Universe, there was no trick.

My daughter watches the Batman Animated Series. Don't blame my geek wisdom.

There's even an Alert in the game to go back to the city Nightwing let blow up. It's pretty cool, you fight GREEN SLUDGE MONSTERS.

Actually the robin in the Teen Titans show is Grayson, for a number of reasons:
A) Romance with Starfire
B) Slade rivalry
C) In one episode and alternate universe version of him comes in, and his name is Dick Grayson spelt backwards.
I can out-geek you :)
Not that it matters. Anyways his stories are rarely good, but I've always liked Nightwing (childhood thing) so I can't wait to play as him.

Oh, and the robin in the game is actually quite cool, a lot less of a pussie than Grayson

Tom that's hilarious

You guys whose names are in green re funny got tricked into playing batman ha you got tricked into playing at allll.....Adios compadres