How did I get signed up for Apple's "Watch Listen Stream" on Youtube?

They just charged me $16.95, and I have no idea what this service even is and I certainly didn’t sign up for it. Looks like legit bill from Apple. I’m super confused.

“Watch, Listen, Stream” is how they describe YouTube for iOS. I wonder if somehow you subscribed to some sort of premium music streaming?

To check if you subscribed on your phone, go to Settings → Click your name at top → click Subscriptions (around the 4th line down).

If you subscribed to something by accident it should be there, and you should be able to cancel it.

(if you know all this, sorry, but I figured I’d provide a way for you to check rather than have us go back and forth for 5 or 6 posts!).

Looks like that was it. Thanks!