How do I check my drive's set burning speed? (VERY slow burning)

All of a sudden my DVD-R drive is burning CD’s at 4.8X instead of 40X. Is there a way to check the speed it’s set at? BTW, no, no Starforce has touched this machine. I tried reinstalling the latest firmware with no luck. Any advice?

I’m using the same media I always have (Verbatim CD-R Lightscribe discs) and they had worked fine until yesterday. Help!

Starforce broke it. Sue the Russians.

Sly may be right. Check your access, if it’s PIO, that’s why you’re burning slow. You want as high a DMA level as you can get for speedy burning.

Sometimes letting windows re-detect the drive can fix this problem.

How exactly do I check the access?

Look at the properties for your IDE connections in Device Manager.

It’s probably PIO mode instead of DMA. The drive burns for a second, runs out of buffer, then starts up again. Can lead to a lot of coasters too.

Helpful link in case your drive has reverted to PIO mode.