How do I disable PS2 Parental Controls?

I bought my PS2 used (Ebay). I just put in Dot Hack, and it asks me to enter a parental control password. Am I screwed?

Oh, sure, Jim’s kid. Nice try.

Seriously, though… I’d seen this question before. This is what I got on a quick Google search:

While in the “custom settings/parental control” options press SELECT and enter the 4-digit number “7444” whenever the parental control display asks you for your password. the old password will then be deleted.

I don’t see a “custom settings” option. At the main menu (with no disk in), i can choose System Config or Browser.
Under System Config, the choices I have are
Clock Adjustment
Screen Size
Digital out
Component Video Out
…and that’s it.

I did a yahoo search and came up empty.
“playstation 2” disable “parental control”.
go figure

Hmm, the page I found might have just been referring to DVD stuff – not sure if it’s the same parental control settings:

when you are watching any dvd, hit select on the controller to bring up the onscreen menu. on the menu, under the number 7, there is a icon called setup. click it. hit right on the digital pad (on the controller) two times and you will be at custom setup. now, go down to the parental controll part and set it up to your liking.

This from

Thanks! 7444 worked, but I wish I could turn off parental control for good.

There’s a parental control menu buried in the settings somewhere. I’ll dig it up when I get home.

Had to dig out the PS2 manual to find it (and disable it so I could watch 13 days).

Start a DVD, bring up the menu with select, and then go to Setup. It’s in there. To get it to actually save, eject and take out the DVD (kicking it back to the setup screen) before you turn the power off.