How do I eradicate a Steam install of a game completely?

O learned denizens of Qt3!

I made the mistake of trying to convert my old Batman Arkham Asylum save game (from the old GFWL version which still works BTW) but I guess since my version of the older game was old enough to be published by Eidos (!) it screwed something up and made it so it would crash on startup every time. Before I tried this save game conversion the new game was working fine but of course all the challenge maps and moves and gadgets were locked.

So I went and “deleted local content” for the newer Steamworks version, but I want to start entirely fresh, so what other file folders and registry keys do I need to delete?

For instance, should I delete the folder \Program Files\Steam\userdata<MyUserID>\35140 ? Any other files or folders?

Also, how do I delete any cloud saves that might mess something up even if I go ahead and redownload/reinstall from scratch?

Finally, assuming I get this newer version working properly, where can I get a savegame with all the gadgets/moves/challenge maps unlocked. I don’t really feel like playing the whole game through again just to have access to all that.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks.

If you need to delete something on the Cloud (I did this once for another game), contact Steam support. I explained my situation. They asked me “Are you sure?” I said “Yup,” and it was done.

The 35140 folder is just really mounting stuff, and not going to keep your saves afaik.
As for PC-based saves, you want to check under Users\username\My Documents\Square Enix\Batman Arkham Asylum GOTY\SaveData

Also, check in Users\username\appdata\local\Microsoft and (<- appdata is a hidden folder, so unhide those) and make sure that’s all cleared out of Arkham stuff - no clue if it would still interact with the game, but you never know.

and when your done maybe run CCleaner and do a reg clean (some people like this program, some don’t, i’ve not had one issue with it on multiple PC’s over the last decade).

Thanks for the replies, guys. I think the issue I was having was down to the converted save file being corrupted, and somehow uploaded to Steam Cloud. I ended up re-downloading it and installing, then disabled Steam cloud, then starting up the game, Alt-Tabbing, then replacing the bad converted save with a good one that the very helpful guy who created the tool helped me convert right. Then when I hit the Start button it worked.

Well, sort of worked. When I do the challenge maps it’s always telling me “new personal best!” when it’s clearly NOT. Don’t know if that’s a problem for people who’ve played the Steamworks version from the beginning, or just with converted save games.