How Do I... (Firefox RSS question)

So I’m a total RSS noob. I have Google Reader, but I’d love something I can click to check RSS feeds WITHOUT leaving my current page.

I’d like to have a button/folder on my bookmarks toolbar that, when clicked, will open up a menu of all my RSS feeds, perhaps with further cascading menus that open when hovered over, so I can check my feeds without leaving the page I’m currently on (which is usually Qt3).

Is this possible? Does Firefox 3.0 have this already? Halp?

D’oh! Nevermind! I figured it out!

You make a new folder on the bookmarks toolbar, then add all Live Bookmarks to it by pointing the ‘create new feed’ window to the folder you just created.

Cascading menus and everything.


I’m disappointed Chrome hasn’t come with an in-browser RSS reader. I hope they implement it soon, for the same reason you mentioned.

DoomMonkey - You may want to check out the “Sage” plugin as well. I used to use it for all my RSS needs for a while, but then switched to GoogleReader about a year ago. Still I miss some of the simplicity of Sage.

I’m back to using Google Reader now, too, a day later. I like being able to see where the feed is coming from, and the little bit of description I get next to the headline, which often determines whether I click the link or not.