How do I merge two almost identical images?

I’ve got a few textured star-maps and they’re using different color schemes. I’d like to see what they’d look like if I merged the two images together and then edited from that. Can somene explain how I might do this in Paint Shop Pro or Adobe Elements?

Thank you!

You put one image onto one layer, and the other image onto another layer, and you set the transparency for both images to 50%.

No, just set the topmost layer to 50%. Normal layer transparency is multiplicative, not additive.

(or vice versa… I always get those two mixed up)

I am really fortunate to get such great answers from people. Thank you so very much :)

Is transparancey the same thing as opacity (in a graphics program)? Ah crap. I’m having trouble doing this is.

I load up image #1 - load up image #2 and paste it on top of the previous one as a layer? The go from there?


I got it! Wow, Photoshop Elements is a lot better than PSP X.

Yes, transparency = the opacity slider in the Photoshop layers window, but don’t use it. You’ll just end up with lots of stars at 50% intensity (you’ll have to leave the bottom layer 100% opaque or the whole image will be transparent, and if you make the top layer 50% transparent, then the stars in that layer will lose 50% of their brightness, and the stars in the lower layer will also lose 50% of their brightness because they have a 50% transparent black overlay (the space around the stars) on top of them).

If you are using Photoshop, the easiest way to do it is this: paste one of the images into a layer above the other one. Right click on the layer and select “Blending Options.” Look for the “Blend Mode” drop-down box in the window that pops up, and change it to “Lighten.” Done.

Transparency is the opposite of opacity. Some graphics editing programs think
of 0 as transparent, others might consider the top level (255 or whatever)
as fully transparent. I’ve used at least one graphics library where the devs
switched the meaning around a bit :)

(“WTF! Invisible enemies! I didn’t add that yet!”)

Ben, thanks for the extra explanation. I was pasting a second layer, but was adjusing opacity and getting “meh” results. I hadn’t even seen the drop down list previously, and this method is absolutely perfect. Thank you! :=)

Should I “merge” the two images before saving as a non-PSD file? “merge visible”

If you save it as a file type that doesn’t support layers (i.e. JPG), it will automatically flatten the image for you. If you want to still be able to tweak it, save a PSD version as well.

PSP turned to bloat from version 8 onward. I’m still using PSP7. Great little program.

I got PSP X for $25 6 months ago. And it is SLOW. I think the bloatware and inefficiency was introduced when Corel bought them out?

I should probably just go back to PSP 7 now since I have Photoshop Elements.