How do I save web pages to my computer?

Bear with me, I’m trying to describe this correctly.

Earlier tonight, a certain athletic conference entity accidentally jumped the gun and put up some web pages that they should’ve held back to Monday. They have since removed the links to those web pages.

I have saved the pages and they’re up on my browser.

How do I save them to my computer? I’d like to upload them to my blog so I can link them for some folks to look at.

Nevermind, figured it out. Duh.

Relevant people can feel free to elaborate on this anyway for the public good.

Ctrl + S

Graph paper + pencil.

Camera phone

Not sure, but you might have to drill some holes in the monitor.

For future reference : SnagIT Pro :

I’m the IT director for a law firm, so I’m often called on to save images of web pages before they change and/or grab captures of web pages that won’t print correctly because of the way their formatted. SnagIT make this easy as clicking and choosing my export format (usually PDF). Attorneys and courts love having full capture images of web pages in simple PDF format.

Quoting for “this isn’t a joke” (unlike the followup posts).

Virtually any web browser will save the current page for you and if you choose the right option (“Save Complete” or whatever depending upon your browser), they’ll save the images, etc, locally and remap the links so the page isn’t too busted up.

Does it handle server-side stuff/CSS decently? Please note that I am apparently too lazy to open a reasonably complicated website and test this to find out :(


right click on the page and click save this as a webpage