How do you compare your pc to specs for a game?

I have a system I built about 5 years ago that I’d like to compare to current games minimum requirements.

How do people who don’t follow hardware upgrades for a living keep track of where their components fall? Is there a chart somewhere? :P

I know there used to be a website where you could choose a game and it scanned your system to tell you if the game would work. Of course you have to be wary of letting any site scan your system.

That was:

For seeing where your components fall you can use:

I still don’t think this answers DoomMunky’s specific question though.

This is definitely one of those things I should have done a DuckDuckGo on before asking. There’s a lot of tools out there. (hope this topic is helpful for someone else, though!)

I’m currently on which lets me pick a variety of hardware from a list.

I found the site @geewhiz and @Profanicus mentioned before they mentioned it and (it’s high in results) has far too long a privacy policy for me to trust it. :)

I think the User Benchmarks sites privacy is pretty mild. You don’t need to make an account but they do of course retain the performance data that arises from running the tests.

If you choose to download and run our software we will collect:
Anonymous hardware specifications and performance data from your PC

I ran this a while back and it actually brought to light an issue with my system, when it showed my 2080ti was running much slower than everyone elses was. I identified why and was able to correct the problem.

Even if you don’t run their benchmark, the site itself has some neat hardware rankings based on all the user benchmarks they’ve collected, that you can sort and filter on:

Oh sorry, I should have pointed out that I meant the systemrequirementslab site.

Thanks for the context for - I may give that a shot, based on your experience with it.