How do you find uot of you have a remarked cpu? see article

How would one go about finding out whether you have a cpu that may have been “re-labeled”?

Buy from a reputable source. Then you know you don’t :wink:

Sort of off-topic: Here’s my “remarking” story with RAM.

We’ve got some old desktop PCs at work that needed a memory upgrade. Because of their age and some finickiness about the memory speed, we couldn’t use faster memory even though it was supposed to work. As with anything that is just a little bit older, it’s hard to find, and because of supply and demand, it was actually more expensive. And to top it off, I had to have it the next day at the latest.

The computer shop across the street didn’t have any but he could get it in from his suppleir the next day. So, I go there the next day to pick up the memory and then handed it off to the summer student to install. A short while later, the summer student comes to tell me none of the upgraded PCs worked – there’s something wrong with the memory. I check and there’s a paper label identifying the memory as the right speed, but when I peel back the lablel, I find it’s actually faster memory with the paper label stuck over it. The bastard! The store, of course blamed it on the supplier.

shift I’m not sure that always works. After all, tons of reputable hardware vendors purchased the fake (and crappy) resistors that would blow. I get my stuff primarily from newegg, but they have to have a source too - and I doubt it’s directly from AMD?

True, but if you buy from a reputable source and discover something like that, you can be reasonably assured they will do what they can to make it right by you. That, I believe, is as good as it gets. :)

Hehe, but how DO you find out? It sounds like the plant the uncovered had a pretty sohpisticated remarking cabaility…