How do you get rid of the under the rim toilet bowl mold?

Whenever I have moved into a new apartment, they place is always immaculate, which is expected. There is never a hint of toilet bowl mold under the rim. You can look and it is pristine. I figured when they cleaned those places they used some kind of industrial chemicals or perhaps a special machine to clean it.

Anyway, I typically use a toilet tablet and those clorox toilet wand things. I try and scrub those areas as best as I can, but eventually there will be a fair amount of mold there.

Recently I was visiting a house and had to pee. I look the the toilet and under the rim and it is immaculate.

So my only conclusion is that there must be some kind of secret technique to get rid of the mold on a regular basis. Can someone clue me in?

There is an amazing toilet bowl cleaner called The Works. You want to work with it very carefully, because it’ll destroy lots of non-porcelain surfaces. There is no mold, rust, lime, scale, or any other porcelain bathroom stain that it will not eliminate.

Easy to find in stores here on the east coast at Giant, Safeway, Lowe’s etc.

I’m also a fan of that stuff. However, it should be noted that many (if not most) apartment complexes will simply throw on a new, cheap seat and lid rather than take the time (and cost) to clean it.

Mold? I’m not sure if I’ve ever had mold in my toilets. More likely mineral deposits, I would think. Do you have really hard water?

If the later, you need something acidic or basic, to solubilize the minerals, maybe something like CLR.

Also, do you have like a really old toilet? Maybe the surface is damaged/worn, which can make it a lot easier to get buildup.

This is not a mineral problem. It is black mold. If none of you have experienced this, then don’t clean your toilet for a month. Or perhaps it something that only grows in florida. I have no idea. It always appears after a while. If you do not clean a toilet for a long time then it will appear at the water line which is fairly easy to remove. However, if you look under the rim (not the lid, but the part where the water comes out ) then there will be mold there. I took a picture of it.

Toilet Mold

I have no idea how to post an image as an image.

Anyway, pretty nasty, right?

Uh, yeah. We don’t get that in the part of California that I live in. Yay for Florida?



I’ve never seen that in my life. Now I’m never going to Florida.

And A.


Spray paint the toilet black. Problem solved.

I live a bit to far north to have that problem, I think.

Maybe something like this would help: ?

It is a tablet that releases cleaner which you throw into the tank. However, this brand comes with bleach. Mold does not like bleach.

I also recommend the old fashion approach. Get yourself some rubber gloves and a brush with short hard bristles.

Wow. I thought I’d seen the nadir of DeepT question threads, but “How post image?” nested within “How clean toilet?” must take some manner of cake. Probably a urinal cake.

Jesus Christ. Nuke it from orbit!

Yeah, sometimes we get that in the upstairs bathroom. It’s never used and we forget to check it. The Works sounds like just the thing.

This. Use gloves when applying; it will take the paint off of a tank, not to mention do a number on your hands. But it works like a charm.

Ok, Ill “the works” then. Ill see if my local store carries it.

As mentioned before, bleach is the universal mold killer. Its what they use primarily to de mold a basement after a sewage flood. It will do the job on toilet mold. If you want to avoid constant issues do as greatatlantic recommended and get some of those Clorox tank drop ins with bleach. That will help keep it under control between cleanings. The Works is great for nuke it from orbit type problems but if you maintain your toilet properly, you dont need to use something so harsh and aggressive.

Having pretty grody hard water myself, I will say that the little drop-in bleach tablets don’t do much for it at all, sadly. Everything in my bathroom slowly turns lurid orange without regular scrubbing. . .

Black mold = bane of existence in my (little-used) downstairs toilet. Bleach + gloves + scrub brush + elbow grease.

Every few months, I deeply appreciate that you’re a member of this forum.

DeepT, try squirting a Zylon post on it! Be sure to use gloves.