How do you get rid of the under the rim toilet bowl mold?

I buy a new toilet.

I sorta figured you just ringed the rim with discarded smartphones, replaced weekly, to avoid the mold problem altogether ;)

I have used bleach tablets. I suppose if there was a bleach gel that stuck that might work. I have tried a few squirt on products, but they did nothing. There must be some regular way to keep them mold free other than using some kind of industrial chemical ( ie:The works) while wearing a hazmat suit.


Recently I was visiting a house and had to pee. I look the the toilet and under the rim and it is immaculate.

I don’t think I even look under the rim of my own toilet.

You need to pick up a toilet mirror from the hardware store. Good for checking for snakes too.

I’ve found that the hardware store ones are too bulky to carry discreetly into someone’s house.

I thought the problem of those bleach tablets is you’re helping destroy the gum seal in the tank quicker.

Huh, there was even a class action settlement from Clorox over this.

And here’s the real problem: the snakes feed on the frogs that eat the mold. Get rid of the snakes and let nature take its course.

In all seriousness: The mold develops when there is excessive moisture build-up over long periods. I have the same issue with my toilets here in Virginia, and I blame… my wife.

See, she can’t stand an open toilet seat and she has trained the rest of the family (including myself) to put down the lid after using the can. The problem is that even though it’s not an airtight seal or anything, the toilet lid traps enough moisture under it (and prevents enough evaporating water from the bowl from escaping) that little beads of moisture build up under the rim. Over time, the mold grows there naturally.

So the solution here is either to (a) leave the lid up or (b) have an innocent family member wash the toilets far more often than most other humans ever have to. Guess which option my wife chose? And guess who the “Latrine Queen” is in my house? Hint: It’s not my wife.

And bombs under your car. Or so I have heard.

The whole leaving the toilet seat lid up is about the only argument I ever won with my wife and I don’t think she ever really forgave me. She does check where she puts her bare ass now though, so I think I did her a favor.

Don’t give in to the women on this one guys, it’s for their own safety.

I should say so, my good man!

Buy a rimless toilet. (You might need to win a lottery first.)

That’s what I did in my house. No more under the rim blackness. There are 2 little holes in my Toto toilets where the water shoots out, and I just need to scrub those once in a while.

I live in Ky, and have had that black mold under the rim of my toilet even though I had a bleach tablet in the tank. The bad thing is, mold is my only allergy, and I didn’t know that it was there until after it was making me sick. My two sons have done mold remediation for years. I don’t care where the mold is, bleach feeds it and can make it worse; FEMA was telling people that in NOLA after Katrina, as well. The best thing to use is a fungicide called Microban. You can order it online, put it in a spray bottle, follow the directions and use proper precautions. It’s the best stuff out there and is used by professionals.

I have been using the chlorox gel and a scrubber. This has slowly reduced the mold down to where it has almost gone away with just a few spots left. Before I was using the toilet wand, which apparently doesn’t do jack.

I may try this product although it is a bit expensive.

Fuming nitric acid.

Cobalt 60.

Seeing this thread for the first time, I have the same issue. I’ll check out the gel. About the only thing that works for me is some actual bleach every few weeks.

It didn’t make much difference at first, but over time it has mostly cleared it up.

I’ve gone one of those little, dark, under-the-stars 1/4 bathrooms, and black mold pretty much creeps up on that toilet daily. I just find the most toxic cleaning product I can find and use it along with a toilet wand to knock that shit back.