How do you not turn into poached eggs outside on hot/humid days?

Anyone have any tricks? My condition is really screwing up my time with the frogs and fish. Each year it’s much harder to tolerate the heat and humidity. It won’t really let up until early September here so would like to find a way to adapt better. I wear one of those water soaked spandex head thingies, but the combined mix of sweating through my O2 backpack and having that constant wetness. I don’t like my doctor’s office suggestion of “stay inside” LOL. NO!!!

So what do you do? I know many of you live in much more miserable climes than me.

Note: I don’t know why, but I can’t wear tight shirts, so those shirts that wick moisture away may not work (maybe something has come out I can tolerate since I last tried?). I feel like I’m being suffocated in anything that’s not loose like a chain reaction is about to do hat a Tokamak has never accomplished - fully sustained nuclear fusion LOL. Might have something to do with the CF and losing 10x the amount of salt compared ton normal, or maybe some odd brain thing since pneumonia’s have suffocated me too many times in the past year just making that feeling scary. One thing’s for sure. I feel like a wimp!

Eddie Bauer mountain shirts are basically magic for their moisture-wicking properties, and they don’t have to be tight to work.

A lot of newer athletic tees are nice and cool too without needing to be super tight.

I don’t live in a super humid area (I think it’s humid, but my friend from Atlanta says it’s super dry here) but generally I like loose fitting and light colored clothes on hot sunny days. Long sleeves and long pants can help keep the suns rays off you and make things more tolerable. And a sun hat.

Shade helps a lot too. If you are talking your own backyard an umbrella or shade sail might help.

Other than that I try to drink lots of liquids too. Ice water goes a long way in cooling everything down.

Are those shirts thin enough to work in? Weird to see an outdoor shirt look like a dress shirt.

@nKoan jeans on a hot humid day? For real? I never ever would have considered that. Or are you suggest a different material for pants?

No not jeans. Linen or synthetic. Lightweight material and loose fitting is what works for me. And lighter colored if there is a choice. Lots of times they are called hiking pants or adventure pants.

The shirts are quite thin. I walk to and from work in Chicago year round, so I have to outfit myself for all sort of weather inclemency. My gear of choice for hot days is EB mountain shirt and REI Sahara convertible hiking pants.

I also wear a big, poofy sun hat.

I use linen shirts as well in the heat of the Japanese subtropical summer: doesn’t prevent the crazy sweating, but makes it more tolerable, and also lets you feel the slightest swip of breeze.

I used to be very sensitive to the heat, originating from a place nicknamed “Little Siberia”. It took me quite a few years to get accustomed to the summers here (and on top of that, we are leisurely 5 degrees over the season average, every single year for the past five years, but yeah, climate change is an hoax… sorry, getting sidetracked there).
Anyway, another advice would be, if you can help it, to avoid accute temperature change, i.e, trying to avoid roughly air-conditionned public places like supermarkets, and if you use an air-conditionner, set it up just so it works constantly but not too strongly (for instance, if it is 36°C outside, I set it to 29 or 30 inside). The gap of temperatures can really make your body suffer, and also makes the heat even less bearable when you are confronted to it again.
Also, the following, more general, considerations may sound stupid… but I’d suggest walking at a forced slow pace, and trying to not be too physical. I assume an almot snail pace in my moves during such time of the year. A quick shower every few hours is not a bad idea either, if you can afford it. I took the habit of drinking a glass of ambiant temperature tea/water every 40 minutes. Lots of peeing, but better that than the other potential consequences!

I live in the equator and we get hot and humid all year round. And jeans are popular here. It’s not that bad. But yeah, I’m used to feeling wet all the time.

I wear shorts, put on sunscreen, and home in on shade wherever possible.

Seattle was 50-degrees yesterday morning, and 70 during the afternoon, with no humidity. I’d say move to Seattle, but too many people are moving here.

Maybe a misting fan? i.e.

Or just a small one, i.e.:

Armando Penblade’s Gow-Ron-Teeyud Solution To Outdoors Heat n Further Unpleasantries:


Yes, I realize this misses the point ;-)

I moved to Washington State, but that’s probably not an option.

1991 called, it wants its ‘coolest city to live in’ back.

You all are amazing because I really thought there wouldn’t be any options outside of “get new chromosomes”.

@baren - do those shirts ever go on sale below $42? Or is that a good price for them? The Hiking pants. Is this the exact one you meant? I’ve read several reviews that said they changed the design and materials so the current version isn’t nearly the same as one from a couple years ago. Do you know which you have? If you can handle Chicago heat island effect walking in these that’s pretty awesome!

@arrendek YES - especially the hand held one!

I cannot tell you all how exciting it is to have options. I was really starting to get depressed thinking of shuttering myself indoors more than I wanted the rest of the summer. The whole reason I had this insane sick/work-til-sick/repeat cycle for the past 2 months is because I was dreading the July/August heat.

$42 is pretty good. I see Eddie Bauer stuff go on sale at 40% off sometimes, which would be a little lower. Keep an eye open for that. Also, if you join the rewards program, you get quarterly $10 off coupons.

You’ve got the right REI pants. I noticed the material change and I strongly prefer the new material to the old one. Much softer!

My girlfriend used to work at Eddie Bauer and got me some of their moisture wicking button ups. They are pretty amazing tbh!

Dress like this.

Hey, actually kind of glad this thread was necroed by a spammer.

I see these all the time when travelling. Vented shirts in a semi-Bahama style. I remember these because the tag always says PFG but I’ve certainly seen other vendors.

I live in the South, it will be sweltering by June and I’m willing to try anything that helps. So my question is, are these just another marketing thing that became popular or do these vented shirts actually keep you any cooler than a T-shirt?

Edit: I could actually call these old-man-shirts because it seems like I’ve never seen these on people younger than 35 or so.