How do you organize your game collection(s)?

For about the millionth time I’ve misplaced a few of my game CD’s. I’m sure they’re sitting right in front of me and I’ve become so accustomed to seeing that giant stack of CD’s - that it doesn’t even register anymore. But seeing how I almost never sell my games, play them in no particular order, I kind of always need them “somewhere within reach”.

I’ve got two huge CD cases that can house a combined 400 CD’s, and they’re almost full. Each time I get a new game, I’m forced to move about 100 CD’s around to keep it alphabetical… and still I misplace them.

Everyone here is a heavy duty gamer (and I don’t even have consoles), so how in the world do you all keep track of everything?

I don’t understand the question. What does “organize” mean?

I also did not understand what orgaize ment so I had to look it up

form: create (as an entity); “social groups form everywhere”; “They formed a company”

cause to be structured or ordered or operating according to some principle or idea

mastermind: plan and direct (a complex undertaking); “he masterminded the robbery”

bring order and organization to; “Can you help me organize my files?”

arrange by systematic planning and united effort; “machinate a plot”; “organize a strike”; “devise a plan to take over the director’s office”

unionize: form or join a union; “The auto workers decided to unionize”

I am still unsure exactly what it means.

jpinard, you obviously don’t love PC gaming enough if you can’t even keep track of your own freaking games!

There comes a time when an old, grizzled gamer simply has to hang it up to make room for the newer ones that can actually hang on to their goddamn CDs and not be a hindrance to the gaming community at large when it comes time to actually play the games. Afterall, it’s all about playing the games, you know? And if you can’t do that, of what use are you to us?

So I respectfully ask you, jpinard, to hang it up now – turn in your gaming badge peacefully, and on your own accord. Save face while you still can, lest you force the Qt3 collective to take it from you and bring disgrace upon you and your entire family line…

I organise in so far as I lose the manual/serial number, the “install” disk or the play “disk” for 99% of games on a regular basis and have to chuck the rest of it away as it’s now effectively unplayable if it isn’t already installed.

I keep my games list on Gamespot and 1up , but otherwise they’re all just crammed into boxes, unless they’re from the PS2/GC generation and up, in which case they’re on display in a large shelf in my garage at my house. A relatively small number of my latest games are kept on my dorm shelf.

All 12 of my disc-based PC games are in a neat little stack.

I once took great pride in my ability to organize my games collection. Shelves, DVD cases, file with installation keys…

Then the other day I found a CD sleeve with a key code printed on it. I still have no idea which game it is for.

I think I’ve slipped a little.


Old, finished PC games go on a dedicated closet shelf, along with the manuals. Games I’m still playing go in a desk drawer that has dividers that fit jewel cases pretty well. This is where the new cases that put the discs on a spindle annoy me, since they take up a lot of space, so I move some of them to jewel cases.

Console games I started putting in one of those DVD racks, but I ran out of space and was too lazy to get another one, so now the rest of them sit in stacks on the floor by the TV, separated by platform.

I keep thinking I should do a better job of storing them, but it always falls into the ‘worry about it when I get a proper house’ bucket…

I keep everything in the original boxes, on shelves. Every few years I give the worst of it away.

Moving to consoles helped. Thinner boxes.

There’s a closet in the PC room. I throw old stuff in it.
Console games are stacked side by side on a shelf in the TV room. Sometimes the cat knocks them off and that’s followed by me whizzing any nearby game/dvd/cd at the cat.

Does this count as “organize”?

My “archive” is a box full of games in jewelcases, sorted alphabetically. Manuals are kept on the shelf–I think they’re sorted by height at the moment, which is a really crappy way of organizing them. Boxes are flattened and in the closet, so that they don’t take up too much space.

Recent games are in a CD wallet, with the cases randomly stacked in a drawer. Fortunately, I also keep a text file with account/activation codes, so that I don’t need to worry about locating a specific case or manual.

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I have about 3 to 4 hours PER WEEK to game. So I get the hell rid of older games (sell 'em or whatever). Nostalgia gaming has no appeal when my current backlog is already totally unmanageable.

We have some wall cubbies (CD-type shelves) in the living room. Games live there. My wife threatens to eradicate the shelves for aesthetic reasons, but so far I have held firm. PC games get put, in their little sleeves, in one of these little cubbies. My total collection takes up four cubbies – probably around 30 games total. And out of those 30 games, I’ve only played ONE of them THIS YEAR. (That would be Crackdown, obviously. Yes, I played basically no games from January through late February.)

Um, I think he was joking. gj trying too hard.

Man, jokes are flying over heads everywhere today. Must be thread overload.

Wow just wow…

Got a 100-disc binder filled with PC CD’s that range from the 90’s to early aught’s. The legacy games.

The recent stuff I keep lined up neatly on my desk in their Wide-DVD cases. Only about 5 of those right now.

Hate NWN2 for just tossing a paper sleeve in that box. :/

Chronological play-order: Most recently played by the couch, all the way to the
ancient past by the door to outside. Similar with movies, except they’ve somehow
ended up in concentric circles around the couch.

Both my console games and PC games have three locations, depending on my interest in them/age.

For console games, they rest in my entertainment center (current), my basement shelves (less current), or boxed away with the console that plays them (older).

For PC games, they rest in the shelves above my desk (current), by bookcase (less current), or in the CD stack in the closer, with their boxes boxed away (older).

Demotion is a difficult action to take…

1 big box next to the desk. When something is out of constant rotation- it goes in it’s case and gets thrown in there.
All SN get backed up on a txt doc on my memory stick- just in case.
Older games is in the other big box which is behind the desk. Not many of those left after the great Alienware theft of '06. nothing like losing 15 years of games. They didn’t get my Doom floppies though!

edit: console games- i keep my stock at the local gamestop. There has been only a rare few(20 ish) that I’ve kept, and those are just on the shelf with the DVD’s