How do you organize your game collection(s)?

My organization consists of 3 parts:

My Desk: Which has whatever I have been playing since the last time I cleaned it off.

My Red box, which has games in it that I have finished with.

My Brown box, which the overflow from my red box.

There is no order, so if I am looking for an old game, I need to dig through them all.

I have an Imation Disc Stakka, before that I used a binder… but mostly my disc are in a slowly detoriating stack on top of my case. Which is all the same, because when I used the other methods, I couldn’t find the manuals with the cd-keys and once I found those my disc would usually be too scratched to do a reinstall.

I love Steam!

I have a sort of fold out computer desk with storage for CDs in the folding doors.
Boxes go mostly in shelves beside the monitor and manuals go in this large drawer that holds nothing but manuals going back to some stuff from the mid 90s like Darklands. Most of the older manuals I dont even have working software for but I keep them for no readily apparent purpose.

As for organized not really.

The shelf above the monitor has the current crop, i.e. the half dozen installed with a realistic intention to play… Once things are complete, they go in one of the big boxes under the stairs, from where they are pretty inaccessible. But I think that’s good. It helps maintain focus ;) It also prevents visitors guaging the true extent of the obsession.

That’s my system. I’ve got one shelf dedicated to PC game classics. AC Planetary Pack, Kilrathi Saga, and original X-Com and Darklands, for example. Another shelf has my personal favorites that still run. Around my computer desk are a few boxes for the games I’m currently playing. Old stuff I’m not likely to play again gets handed off every so often to coworker’s kids who are stuck with old machines. Also promotional materials get given away to them.

Current generation console games are stacked up with my DVDs on a tall, narrow, shelf by my entertainment center. When it gets too full, these I do resell for store credit. Only a few are really keepers anyhow, most of this stuff is junk food. My two old systems, Sega Genesis and the Dreamcast, are boxed up with the best of my collections in the closet.

I have a couple of those little folders that hold about 50 CDs each. Those go in a giant plastic tub, along with the manuals and other miscellaneous paper debris. Boxes get tossed.

Console games with DVD cases are separated by system and sorted by alphabetical order on racks in the living room.

Console games with CD cases are shoved away somewhere. Sorry PS1 & DC.

Console games in cartridge form are in the same storage box as their systems. Same for those ridiculously big Saturn cases.

PC games are put in boxes, racks, binders, or cases. Damn non-standard packaging.

I have a whole bunch of old games in their jewel cases on a large CD rack. Newer stuff all goes into binders and I toss the jewel cases. I don’t bother to alphabetize them. Manuals go into a box in the closet.

While I will really regret it if its ever stolen like my CD collection, I have all mine in binders. I throw the boxes and manuals in a closet.

For cartidges I leave them in the box and throw them in the closet, because I use flashcarts. (I’m not carrying around a gba/DS caddy) PSP games, same thing.

I have a bunch of old discs, some that my wife was kind enough to write serial numbers on when she was tossing the boxes many years ago. For the most part, I just try not to forget my historical MMO accounts (station, WoW, DAoC) and the rest takes care of itself whenever I get around to resubscribing.

This week it’s DAoC! I’m dusting off some lowbies for BG action.

In a box. In the attic. New stuff gets installed and the box sits at my desk for a week or so, then it migrates to my bookshelf until I start to feel the clutter and dump it in the box.


I am pretty meticulous about how I store my games, particulary PC games since I have a little over 650 CD’s for that platform.

All the manuals are placed in one of 3 plastic bins, loosely sorted by genre. Kept underneath the table in the computer room

All boxes and any cd case/sleave that doesn’t have a cd key on it gets junked. All cd cases that do have a key get stored in one of several boxes in the closet. All cd keys are digitally stored in a spreadsheet on the server.

The games themselves are sorted across 5 cd binders, first by genre, then alphabeticly within the genre. A 6th binder that holds 100 cd’s is for all new games within a year. About once a year I go through all my games to add in all the newcomers into thier appropriate places and empty out that 6th binder.

Console/handheld games, not so much. All games from dreamcast on back are stored in the attic. PS2 and handhelds in my car w/ about a dozen games combined. Gamecube in the bedroom for the Mrs. and her collection. PS3/360/WII in the living room with the respective games occupying three shelves of our DVD bookcase. No order, just 1 shelf per platform.

I love reading about how people handle their hobby collections, Vincent’s post reminds me of how some folks keep entire spare rooms full of paperbacks.

I am unable to answer this question, as it is not in the form of a multiple-choice poll. [Paging Jake Plane…]

Me too. Shelves are in the basement now since the wife doesn’t like the clutter (they’re safe down there, it’s partially finished so they’re warm and dry). Keeping it all in original boxes means I can occasionally have an Ebay sell-off of titles I never liked or have no further use for.

I keep half a dozen of the most recent games I’m playing in a neat little stack on the computer desk. I hate losing my CDs, so if possible I try to get a cracked EXE for my games so I don’t need to use the CD when I play. Currently that stack includes Medieval TW:2, Company of Heroes, NWN 2, Rome:TW, Oblivion+add-ons and Guild Wars Nightfall. I’m still slogging through most of them months after purchase because many nights are devoted to a MMO beta I’m in instead. At least there’s no box for that!

I file my games in chronological order by the date I’ve acquired them.

I slap all the discs in binders, and tear off the manual page with CD keys, or crack open the crystal case to get out the reg code, and slip that in the sleeve with the install disc. I toss all the boxes and manuals unless there’s a clear need for them. I also try to enter my game keys in this free little CDkey app, but I’m not meticulous about it.

I have a huge clear plastic bin under my bed that holds all my snes and n64 games. I have a cd tower for my pc games, and a dvd case for my PS2,GC,Xbox, and Wii games. I also have enough gaming magazines collected over the years that they fill up 2 book shelves in my den.

I used to be of the “unsorted piles of unboxed CDs” type. After a few heartbreaking moments trying to find something, only to discover a deeply scratched disc with the CD-key nowhere to be found, I have switched to “unsorted piles of DVD boxes” for the newer stuff, and have tucked the old CD piles into a big box.

I also keep a ton of 10-15 year old gaming magazines. For some reason they make for great toilet reading (like you wanted to know that).